Hastings Insurance Reviews


If you’re looking for a property casualty insurance provider, consider Hastings Mutual, a regional provider. It offers earthquake and pet injury coverage and a low deductible. In addition to a variety of home and auto policies, Hastings offers a dedicated mobile app and live chat service. The app stores all of your policy documents and contact information securely.

Hastings Mutual is a regional property casualty insurance provider.

Hastings Mutual is a regional property and casualty insurance provider that offers innovative products for businesses, farm owners, and individuals in six Midwestern states. The company is known for its financial strength, high ethical standards, and service culture. If you’re in the market for new insurance, you’ll be pleased with Hastings Mutual’s selection of innovative products and affordable rates.

Customers can expect prompt and courteous service from Hastings Mutual agents. They go above and beyond to ensure policyholders have the best possible service. Hastings Mutual also provides excellent claims service and a dedicated claims phone line.

It offers earthquake coverage for renters.

If you’re renting a home in a risky area, you should consider earthquake coverage. This policy reimburses you for your personal belongings in case your house collapses due to an earthquake. It also covers additional expenses if your home is uninhabitable due to an earthquake. Although the cost of earthquake insurance may be high, the added protection is often worth the price.

Hastings Mutual offers earthquake coverage for renters in six Midwestern states. The policy pays for damages caused by an earthquake and any aftershocks within 360 hours. You can apply online. However, you won’t know if your area is eligible until you apply.

It offers pet injury coverage for renters.

A renters insurance policy that includes pet injury coverage is often a good option for pet owners. This coverage can cover damage to the rental property or medical expenses for people injured by your pet. It can also pay extra living expenses if the rental home is uninhabitable.

Renters insurance provides liability coverage and personal property damage coverage. Pet owner needs this type of coverage because they may be sued for the injury or property damage caused by their pets. Generally, renters insurance does not cover exotic pets that cannot be tamed.

It offers a low deductible.

A low deductible on your homeowner’s insurance is one of the most critical factors. Not only does a low deductible help you save money on your insurance policy, but it also helps you avoid the financial penalties of a high deductible. Hastings Insurance offers a low refundable deductible on many of its policies. You can also take advantage of Hastings Insurance’s online policy to make payments, and you’ll receive an acknowledgement of cover within a few hours.

Low deductible health insurance plans are great for those who don’t require extensive medical treatment. This type of plan has lower monthly premiums, which makes them affordable for those who don’t want to be burdened with high out-of-pocket costs. However, high-deductible plans are not the best choice for young and healthy people. A high deductible plan can also be better for people with chronic medical conditions or high-risk activities. It’s best to make sure that the amount you’re required to pay each month is affordable and that you understand that you’ll be responsible for your premium if you get sick or have a car accident.

It offers discounts for buying multiple policies.

When you buy multiple policies from Hastings Insurance, you can save ten per cent on each. This applies to up to four vehicles. Multi-car insurance is usually lower than single-car cover, and you can pay annually, monthly, or quarterly. The policy will also offer discounts for no claims from the primary driver.

If you own a motorcycle, you can also save money by purchasing a policy from Hastings. The company offers competitively-priced policies without a no-claims discount and offers attractive rates for new riders who have recently made claims.

It offers good customer service.

The Financial Ombudsman Service recorded more than one hundred complaints about Hastings Insurance’s motor insurance in the first half of 2020. The complaints were spread across all Hastings brands. The company ranked seventh in the number of complaints received. The company’s insurer, Advantage, underwrites most of Hastings’ policies. Hastings has received more than four hundred and thirty complaints since January.

The Hastings Group is a fast-growing, digitally-focused insurance provider serving the UK market. It has strong relationships with price comparison websites and focuses on customer retention. It has over 2.2 million customers and two thousand and seventy colleagues.