High School of Succubus Game Review


High School of Succubus is an engaging visual novel depicting an intriguing group of female students who are not all lesbians, which makes for an enjoyable story and gameplay experience.

On Monday Kelly has two scenes triggered at school and can increase her corruption to 240 for another day, thus activating both the swimsuit and Ash scene (3 parties).


High School of Succubus is an engaging sex demon simulator where you get to fuck many beautiful high school girls. The story is engaging and each girl you seduce has unique characteristics and backgrounds which makes seducing them even more exciting! There’s plenty of dirty talk and tension-filled situations which will enhance the sex experience even further!

Gameplay in this game primarily takes the form of visual novels, though there are numerous other things to do as well – clothing systems, shops, and plenty of sexy events to attend! Furthermore, there are regular updates adding new content.

Morgarith, the protagonist in this game, is an ambitious succubus who’s trying to seduce an innocent college girl named Kelly into becoming her follower. Unfortunately, she can be very stubborn, but nonetheless, it makes for an exciting and entertaining gameplay experience!

There are lots of kinky events in this game and they’re often quite hot! I especially appreciate that sex doesn’t come easy; rather, you must work for it yourself; that makes for exciting gameplay if that is what you enjoy doing! Unfortunately, the game can sometimes become slow and monotonous but still worth giving it a go if this type of content appeals. Updates include new emotes for Kelly, Ash, and Brenda as well as a nude beach and succubus invasion event with multiple repeatable runs available if desired! Updates include new emotes for Kelly Ash and Brenda as well as an event featuring nude beach invasion by succubus invasion which allows players to repeat these events! Updates also include new emotes for Kelly Ash and Brenda as well as events featuring nude beach invasion by succubus invaders that repeatable action


High School of Succubus is an exquisite game with spectacular graphics. It stands apart from traditional visual novels in that there’s more emphasis on gameplay, making the experience all the more engaging for players.


Summer’s over, and Inubou Takeru is beginning a semester as a goodwill ambassador at an all-succubus school where Otome, his sister’s friend from high school, unexpectedly confesses her feelings for him! Meanwhile, succubus high school girls invade his dreams with sexual fantasies that reveal his past; these supernatural beauties gain access to his past, providing glimpses into naughty truths revealed from it! When not teaching these supernatural beauties about sexual matters himself!


High School of Succubus is a visual novel with an intense sexual plotline. Set in a high school setting, players get to transform their girls into pussymunching lesbians through seduction. Don’t worry about becoming bored of this game as its dynamic interactions and well-written dialogue will keep the fun coming!

A succubus is a female demon with the power to corrupt people through seduction. They usually focus on seducing men in their sleep, but in this game, you take it further by becoming a lesbian succubus who attempts to seduce a group of hot teenage girls! Although challenging at times, this game provides plenty of sexual thrills!

The plot in this game is quite intricate yet entertaining, and funny/erotic at times. It follows an oddball who enrolls at an all-girls school where all her fellow students are succubi. As she attempts to keep up with all their demands and carnal desires that she cannot satisfy, prude is put through some challenging experiences at her new school.

She spends her summer among sexy succubi classmates, all as hot and wicked. Together they do everything from shameless oil massages to competing in an all-succubus swimsuit contest – as well as working as goodwill ambassadors and keeping up with classes – but if she fails her classmates may give him failing grades and possibly expel him! Thus he vows to do whatever it takes to win their approval and remain in school!


Morgarith, the lusty succubus girl you play as in this game, aims to seduce and corrupt an innocent college freshman named Kelly with all sorts of illicit behavior. It began as a visual novel-style game but quickly progressed into more intricate gameplay such as time management and money control issues as well as time and study management issues; work/study balance issues; shopping mall/sex shop interaction issues as well as animated events are some of the features.

The game is completely free to download and play, but if you find yourself enjoying it please consider supporting its developer, Two_succubi, on Patreon to enable them to continue creating more adult titles like this one.

Before Kelly achieves corruption level 2 (c=100), you can only access the Library and Tentacle Scene by skipping some daytimes for approximately three days, depending on which event it unlocks. Other events, like Sexy Night or Branda Stealing Panties, require you to wear her new top and skirt before skipping some daytimes to trigger that particular event.