How to Create a Maximalist Room


To create a maximalist room, use one main focal point: a wall with multiple pieces of art or a corner with a large plant. You can also use multiple pieces of furniture with different pillows for an eclectic look. Layering is another key to creating a maximalist room. This will save space and give your room an adhesive look. Keep in mind, however, that the pieces of decor should not be piled on top of each other. Instead, ensure that all surfaces are used, from the bottom to the top, to ensure that your decor is balanced.

Bright colors

Maximalist style decorators often use bright colors as accent colors. Orange is one of the few colors that can grab the eye, and it is an excellent choice for this purpose. It also works well with natural tones.

Wall-to-wall shelves

The maximalist decor is characterized by various colors, patterns, and textures. This approach encourages you to be bold and try something new. One idea is to install wall-to-wall shelves in your living room. This will create an interesting focal point and add personality to your room.

Wall-to-wall murals

Adding a mural to a room can create a dramatic effect. Some mural companies hand-paint the scenes onto silk or paper rolls and install them with care. Others add three-dimensional details to the panels. The finished mural becomes a built-in piece of art. And some murals can be paired with other artwork to create a truly stunning effect.


A maximalist decor scheme can be very bright and colorful. This decor focuses on bright colors, patterns, and rich textures. It blends well with many other design styles. If you like to add lots of detail to your decor, you should consider using wallpaper that embodies the maximalist style.


If you want to create a stylish, maximalist room, you may consider incorporating antique pieces. These can make a statement without taking up a lot of space. Instead of filling every space with ornaments, you should instead focus on using bold prints or patterns to create a space that combines physical and emotional space.

Flea market finds

Flea market finds they lend themselves to many interior styles and are an excellent way to bring personality into a space. Retro, modern, and cottage-style interiors can all benefit from these treasures. For a truly eclectic look, combine your finds with other vintage finds to create a unique and personal design for your home.

Industrial accents

Industrial accents can be a great way to add contrast to a room. Use a metallic finish on the leg of furniture, textiles, or wall art. Copper patterned wallpaper or silver-leafed cabinets can add detail to a kitchen or bathroom. And a shimmery pewter paint job on the ceiling can make even a plain ceiling look stunning.

Over-the-top decor

When decorating, some people aren’t afraid to go overboard. This is especially true when it comes to the holiday season. This look can make a space feel more festive, even if it’s a couple of ornaments and a garland. For example, the living room in this Toronto home features a dancing snowman and a nativity scene. In addition, many of these displays are synchronized to holiday music. Moreover, the owners of these displays donate the proceeds to sick children.