How to Find a Reputable Asphalt Contractor


No matter what surface needs paving, asphalt contractors will get it done efficiently and ensure it looks beautiful for years. Find the best Washington paving.

Contact the asphalt contractors you are considering and ask them for proof of their license and insurance documents; those unwilling to present these will likely fail your due diligence process.


No matter, if it is to pave your driveway, build a tennis court in your neighborhood, or repair existing asphalt surfaces, finding the appropriate contractor for each task is essential. An established asphalt contractor should possess excellent industry credentials while using only high-grade materials that ensure long-lasting pavement surfaces. A great way to find such a contractor is through referrals from past clients, as well as reading online reviews. Also, visiting recently completed projects will give an idea of the quality of their work and services provided.

Before selecting a contractor, extensive research is essential. Verifying their credentials, such as licensure and insurance, will protect against any unexpected issues during the project. Collecting quotes from different contractors provides an accurate price comparison; ensure each quote includes start and end dates along with a detailed cost breakdown.

Ask about their operating history, as this will indicate their experience and ability to complete different projects. Reputable asphalt contractors usually offer warranties, giving you peace of mind if anything goes wrong during their service.

Consider customer service commitment when hiring an asphalt contractor, particularly if you have concerns about quality or missed deadlines; an established contractor should address such concerns promptly and efficiently.

Your neighbors can provide valuable insights into trustworthy asphalt contractors in your area, while reviews on sites such as Angie’s List or Yelp will give you an accurate impression of the contractor’s reputation and customer satisfaction levels. Reputable contractors typically have both positive and negative reviews – be sure to consider all aspects before making your decision!


Your choice of asphalt contractor will have an enormous effect on the quality of your work. When selecting one, be sure they provide a solid guarantee on their products and services (workmanship/material guarantees may differ) to protect your investment; should anything go wrong during installation, having this guarantee should enable repairs quickly to restore the pavement’s integrity.

Understand your warranty terms and coverage, but also comprehend what’s included within them. Asphalt warranties typically do not cover acts of nature such as rain, ice, and snowfall; you should verify if your contractor is insured and request a copy of their policy document.

Contracts should also specify what constitutes final warranty acceptance, which ideally will consist of a field evaluation that addresses each of the warranted pavement indicators, followed by written documentation to transfer responsibilities back to the agency. Furthermore, contracts should require construction bonds as an assurance that contractors will resolve any identified problems. Additionally, there should be provisions in them regarding remedial actions taken following pavement distress surveys. Finally, it should stipulate that contractors obtain general roadway permits as appropriate.

Agencies must determine a method for measuring the condition of warranted pavement and establish threshold criteria accordingly, whether this involves routine evaluations through their Pavement Management System (PMS) or subjective distress evaluations. Threshold criteria must be realistic yet attainable so as to encourage the contracting industry to bid competitively on warranty projects.

Additionally, agencies should carefully consider their options regarding performance warranties or standard contract warranties when undertaking highway projects. While performance warranties provide greater control to contractors and may increase construction costs significantly, longer-term performance warranties could help to extend pavement longevity while decreasing rehabilitation costs in the future.


Experienced contractors possess the knowledge and skills required to successfully complete asphalt projects. This gives them expertise and insight into each individual project’s specific requirements and any issues that might arise. Thus, they prevent unanticipated expenses or delays from occurring.

When meeting potential contractors, be sure to request their portfolios of past work. Most should have an online portfolio displaying photographs of completed projects—ideally similar to your project size and scope—but be sure to also ask for references from previous customers; most contractors should gladly provide contact information so you can connect with these references to learn more about their experience working with the contractor.

A reliable contractor should be able to explain the process of installing asphalt and provide answers to any questions that arise during its installation. If they cannot meet this standard, perhaps it is best to look elsewhere; inexperienced contractors often make costly installation errors, which cause pavements to deteriorate prematurely and require expensive repairs in the near future.

Make sure that the contractor you hire is licensed and insured. This will guarantee that they possess all of the required licenses and coverage for performing asphalt work in your state.

Find out if your contractor owns or rents their equipment, as this can impact your budget significantly, as renting equipment costs money. An asphalt contractor who owns their equipment could save money on rental fees for your project by owning their equipment themselves and not needing to rent it from elsewhere.

Opting for an experienced asphalt contractor will give you peace of mind that your job will be completed promptly and with high-quality materials, which will reduce inconvenience on a construction site while keeping within your estimated budget.


When hiring an asphalt contractor to manage your asphalt project, they must possess the appropriate machinery. From dump trucks and reclaimers to pavers and paver cleaners, the appropriate machinery will ensure that your job gets completed on time and correctly. An experienced asphalt contractor will use multiple pieces of equipment during their service delivery to meet exacting standards for every job undertaken.

An asphalt contractor often utilizes several pieces of equipment, such as reclaimers, for cutting and crushing existing pavement, which allows for the removal of any unwanted materials before paving begins. A milling machine may also be employed to strip away the top layers of any old or damaged asphalt before laying new material—both residential and commercial projects may use this procedure.

Asphalt contractors utilize pavers and self-propelled laydown machines capable of hot—and cold-mix asphalt paving. Reputable contractors should provide information about past clients they have worked for and projects they have completed; many even feature a gallery page on their websites so you can see examples of their work.

A reliable asphalt contractor should also be able to present evidence of their license and insurance coverage, and any company unwilling to do so should be avoided. Being protected with proper insurance and licensing will protect you from legal issues and guarantee that your asphalt project is completed safely and according to industry standards.

Reputable asphalt contractors should provide you with a guarantee of their services, even though this isn’t required by law. Such warranties cover workmanship and materials if anything goes wrong during installation; you’ll have peace of mind knowing your investment is protected!