How to Get an OSHA 10 Card


You can earn the OSHA 10 card by completing a course. If you aren’t sure where to go for this training, this article will show you how to get one. Learn about the training course itself, how to get your certification card, the cost of the course, and the requirements for completing the course.

OSHA 10 card

Obtaining an OSHA 10 card is necessary in many occupations, particularly in the construction industry, and employers are required by law to provide this card to their employees. The card is a 10-hour course that is designed to give workers a basic understanding of workplace safety. These courses are designed to be flexible and consistent in their content, but do not replace required OSHA training. In addition to protecting your workers from injuries at work, having an OSHA 10 card can also lower your workers’ compensation premiums. This is because better safety practices can reduce claims and impact your experience modification factor.

The OSHA 10 card does not expire, but employers that require their employees to carry them may require them to have refresher training. In most cases, employers set a refresher training period. The refresher period depends on the jurisdiction and employer requirements. It is a good idea to periodically check your card to ensure that it is valid.

OSHA Outreach Training Program

An OSHA Outreach Training Program course is a great way to protect workers from workplace hazards and learn about OSHA standards. The course will teach workers about OSHA requirements, their rights, and their employers’ responsibilities. It will also teach workers about the dangers of specific job duties. The course will also give participants information on how to file a complaint, and will help them comply with workplace regulations.

Although the Outreach Training Program does provide basic information about health and safety in the workplace, it does not fulfill all of the OSHA training requirements. The program must be supplemented with additional training, which must be provided by employers. OSHA has outlined the training requirements for the program in its standards. Those interested in learning more about this training should contact OSHA to learn about the training options.

A successful completion of the course results in an OSHA Outreach Training Program completion card for workers or employers. It is an important step in the prevention of workplace hazards and helps employees make informed decisions. The course teaches workers about their rights and responsibilities and helps employers identify potential hazards. The course also helps employers understand the importance of safe workplaces and how they can promote them.

Cost of courses

OSHA 10 construction training courses are designed to meet the standards for construction work. These courses cover the standards laid out in 29 CFR 1926. They also cover the proper use of personal protective equipment and emergency evacuation plans. The courses are available at a range of prices. Generally, the 10 hour courses cost between $54 and $150.

OSHA certification courses are offered in both in-person and online settings. For those in remote areas, online classes are a popular alternative. Online OSHA courses usually cost about $60 to $80 for 10-hour courses and $160 to $180 for 30-hour courses. However, online courses do not offer peer learning or live instructors. In-person courses are more expensive and may cost up to $500 for the 30-hour course. Some colleges also offer OSHA training courses.

Requirements for completion

OSHA 10-hour courses are designed to increase awareness of workplace hazards, provide an introduction to the OSHA program, and teach workers their rights and responsibilities. There are no prerequisites to take these courses. Successful students will be issued a certificate of completion. The course content is divided into four sections.

Upon completion of the course, new entrants to the construction workforce may begin working in a construction site. However, they must complete 40 hours of training within six months or be monitored by a supervisor. This training course is available online. The city of New York contracts with AdvanceOnline to offer the course.

Some states, counties, and cities require workers to complete OSHA 10 training. Depending on your location, this training may not expire. You should check with the party requiring it to see if there are any requirements to renew the training.