How to Get CPR Training


There are several ways to get CPR training. You can sign up for an online course or attend a classroom class. In-person training is recommended for those who want to get real-world practice. In-person classes offer constructive feedback and real-world scenarios. Almost any commercial organization can conduct CPR classes and issue certification. However, most employers accept only courses offered by approved organizations.

a dummy

One of the best ways to learn CPR is by using a CPR dummy. A good one will offer audio-visual feedback when compressions are performed correctly. Depending on your training level, you can get a dummy that simulates a child or an adult. Some dummies will only have chest compressions, while others will have AEDs and can help you practice defibrillation.

Another great benefit to a dummy for CPR training is that it can be carried anywhere. Many newer models provide audio and visual feedback to help you learn the proper techniques. This way, you can practice the skills that will save someone’s life.

a classroom course

An online version may be a good option if you want to learn CPR but don’t have time to attend a classroom course. This course is easy to follow and offers you hands-on training. Plus, you can get remedial help if needed. A classroom course typically lasts four to five hours but offers more comprehensive training.

A classroom course will teach you how to perform CPR on an individual, in a two-person team, and with rescue breaths. In addition, you will learn how to use an AED and administer a shock. You’ll also learn how to perform CPR on adults, children, and infants.

an online course

CPR training is an important skill to learn and can enhance your resume. Certification is also required for many jobs, including emergency medical care. An online or blended course can help you complete your training at your own pace. This convenient option allows you to complete lessons when you have time and review the materials as often as you need.

The courses offered by different institutions can vary. Many of them are free of charge. These courses follow the guidelines of the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross. The courses offered by these organizations are up-to-date and have qualified trainers. You’ll also be mailed a certification card if you complete all the modules.

courses offered by the Red Cross

CPR training courses offered by the Red Cross provide the skills necessary to help people during cardiac emergencies. They are taught by experienced instructors and meet OSHA and workplace standards. The courses include hands-on practice and interactive scenarios. The American Red Cross also offers CPR courses online. CPR training from the Red Cross is a great choice whether you’re a busy mom, busy dad, or someone who simply needs to brush up on their skills.

The American Red Cross has been providing emergency training for over a century. The organization offers award-winning courses and comprehensive health and safety training. Most of the Red Cross instructors are highly qualified and certified professionals who train thousands of people every year.

certification requirements

CPR training and certification are vitally important skills for any healthcare professional. CPR training provides the skills needed to revive a person who is unconscious or has stopped breathing. It also teaches the proper technique for different age groups. In addition, it teaches the rights and responsibilities of CPR certification holders. The most effective CPR training and certification courses cover all the necessary information.

It’s essential to have CPR training because it can save a life. Heart disease and cardiac arrest are among the leading causes of death in the United States, but they can strike anyone, regardless of age. CPR training can help prevent heart attacks and other life-threatening illnesses and can even help save a life in an emergency.