What is the Definition of a Misfunction?


A malfunction is the inability of an organ or structure to work correctly. There are many synonyms for malfunction, including Bug, Defect, Fault, Glitch, Slip, and more. Read on to learn more about the definition of malfunction and other synonyms. You can also learn about the various symptoms that indicate a malfunction.


When something isn’t working correctly, it is called a malfunction. A malfunction can occur for several reasons, referring to your computer, your refrigerator, or your car. Worn disks, for example, are a common cause of a malfunction. When the disks are not functioning correctly, the hard drive will malfunction.

One of the best ways to find synonyms for malfunction is to consult a thesaurus of malfunction-related words. The list of synonyms will help you clarify what the word means. You can also consult an online dictionary to find related words. Several dictionaries will help you find the right one for your needs.

Cobuild dictionary definition

A malfunction is a problem that occurs when something doesn’t work as it should. It can occur with parts of the body, machines, or computers. The Cobuild dictionary provides the correct definition and example sentences to help you learn and use new words. It also comes with a CD-ROM that provides additional information about the dictionary.


The word malfunction is used when something doesn’t function as it should. This can be a mechanical device, a computer system, or a human body. A malfunctioning toaster will often spit out a burnt or smokey mess. It is essential to understand the difference between a malfunction and an error. A malfunctioning computer system can result in lost data. A malfunctioning car can leave you stranded or in an accident. It is also common to hear jokes about a malfunctioning brain.

In the modern world, many people use malfunction to describe the failure of something. From a light switch that won’t turn on to a computer system that won’t let you turn it off to a malfunctioning rocket, malfunctioning is a word that means something has broken.