Investing in SOS Stock


Currently, SOS stock is a lovely company for investors. Its main headquarters are in Qingdao, China, where it has established itself as a leader in data mining and analysis services. It also provides emergency rescue services, including the management of mining operations. SoS’s rating has been upgraded to bullish, and its shares have surged more than a hundred percent in the past week.

Data mining and analysis services

Investing in SOS stock is a perilous choice. The stock price has dropped nearly 90% in the last year, with investors betting on the stock seeing heavy losses. In addition, the company has several problems, including regulatory issues and a strained relationship with the Chinese government.

SOS Limited is a Chinese company that provides data mining and analysis services. The company is headquartered in Qingdao, China. It offers various services, from essential cloud products to emergency rescue and blockchain technology solutions. It also provides marketing and insurance analytics in China.

SOS Limited is a leading provider of data mining services in China. The company’s executive chairman is Yandai Wang. The company’s subsidiaries provide cloud computing, marketing, and data analytics services.

Emergency rescue services

Listed on the New York Stock Exchange, SOS Limited is the brainchild of a tech-savvy Chinese entrepreneur. SOS’s flagship product, the SOS cloud, is an extensive data management system that includes several intelligent hardware and software features. This enables SOS to offer its clients a comprehensive array of cloud-based emergency rescue services, including automobile, health care, news and information, mutual aid, and e-commerce.

The company has recently made waves in the fintech space. In addition to its flagship products, SOS has developed its cloud-based insurance platform to serve the uninsured. Moreover, SOS has also dabbled in the Internet of Things (IoT) and other related technologies. As of November 2018, the company boasts a nationwide membership base of more than 20 million.

Chinese Bitcoin miner

Earlier this year, the Chinese government cracked down on crypto mining. As a result, many miners had to shift their operations overseas. SOS Limited (NYSE: SOS) is one of these companies.

SOS has a business in China but has recently shifted its focus to the United States. In April, SOS began transitioning its mining operations to the U.S. While this was a positive development, SOS still has a long way to go. The company has invested in more than 15,000 mining rigs. The total capacity of its mining facility is estimated to produce 527 PH/s for mining BTC. As a result, the company is expected to generate a good ROI.

SOS has been selling shares of its stock to private investors at a discount. These deals are typically carried out to attract investors. However, this deal was substantially below yesterday’s close of $2.11 per share. The reasons behind this are not clear.

Headquarters in Qingdao

Listed on the New York Stock Exchange, SOS is an international service provider in technology and health care. Its headquarters in Qingdao West Coast New District will contribute to the vitality of the information technology industry in this region. Using cutting-edge technologies, the company provides marketing solutions differently. Currently, SOS has contractual service agreements with major Chinese internet providers, banks, and insurance companies. SOS also has a relationship with the regional Chinese government.

SOS recently signed a joint venture agreement with Ronghe Finance Holding Group, a state-backed financial investment group. The two companies will establish a database in Qingdao through this agreement. The database will be the first large-scale supercomputing center in this region. The deal marks the beginning of a new chapter for SOS. It will focus on blockchain, asset management, and insurance activities. In addition, the partnership will give SOS a stamp of approval from the Chinese government.

Bullish rating

Traders may want to buy SOS stock because of its strong triple-digit growth potential. First, however, they need to know how to get a fair share valuation. This article will look at several key factors when evaluating SOS’s value.

SOS Limited’s (NYSE: SOS) shares are trading at a steep discount to their fair market value. Its market cap is only $650 million, compared to its book value of $2 billion. Using the forward price/sales ratio, SOS could be assigned a $77 per share valuation. This may be a reasonable price for the company’s future triple-digit growth.

According to the Ticker on Price Growth Rating, SOS Limited’s price has grown slower than the S&P 500’s. However, in the last twelve months, the stock PE ratio has increased slightly. This indicates that SOS is somewhat undervalued.