Landis Lifestyle Salon – A Spa That Treats Beauty As a Holistic Experience


At Landis Lifestyle Salon in Marmalade, beauty is approached holistically. Here you can indulge in pampering treatments such as hair coloring, facials, lash lifts, and other relaxing services.

Online Check-In is available five minutes after the salon opens until around closing time.


Great Clips salons provide haircuts to men and women at one price and various hair care services, including neck trims, beard trims, bang trims & shampoo. Their stylists can also create formal updos & perms. Appointments can be booked either online or by phone.

Licensed stylists with at least three years of experience and training in using Aveda products perform all haircut services. These professionals understand how to create the ideal look for each face shape, facial feature, and lifestyle; you can expect a quality haircut that looks equally dazzling from both sides of your head!

Check-In online five minutes after the salon opens & up to thirty minutes before closing time. Typically, wait times don’t become so long that Online Check-In temporarily becomes unavailable; if this does happen, come back later; we’ll promptly get you taken care of. Please be aware that depending on the service you schedule, an additional service charge may still apply on the day of the visit.

Hair Color

Have you ever experienced getting your hair colored at a salon? If so, then you understand the significance of finding an exceptional stylist. Finding someone who understands how to blend colors organically while offering advice that helps extend the duration of the color may also be essential.

One effective way to extend the life of your hair color is to avoid washing in hot water. Hot water opens up your cuticles, causing moisture to leave and lead to fading and dullness of color; for optimal results, use room temperature water or colder.

Conditioners can also extend the life of your hair color by sealing cuticles of your tresses to keep moisture locked inside and prevent it from leaving, thus helping maintain vibrant tones that won’t fade over time. Be sure to consult your stylist when looking for quality conditioner recommendations.

Landis Lifestyle Salon can assist in creating or refreshing your look, offering hair cutting, styling, and coloring services, among many others. Their friendly and welcoming staff has also supported local charities; they are located at 600 N John Stockton Drive in Marmalade, where reviews have raved: unique, fantastic, and phenomenal are just a few adjectives they evoke when reviewing this salon! So when in need of pampering, be sure to book an appointment!


Landis Lifestyle Salon takes a holistic approach to beauty, offering top-tier treatments in an inviting atmosphere and unmatched customer service. Services provided at Landis Aveda Salon include hair coloring, cuts, styling, manicures/pedicures/facials/eyelash extensions/waxing. In addition, they give ethically sourced cruelty-free body and skin care products like Landis Aveda body/skin products, including hand massage while guests wait. They also offer packages with various benefits such as Vitality/Invigorate/Clarity/Bliss in mind for guests’ relaxation or appointment waiting for pleasure – Vitality/Invigorate/Clarity/Bliss.

This premier beauty salon boasts multiple locations around the city for convenient access. Their staff of experienced professionals uses only top-quality products for maximum effectiveness in producing stunning results.


Landis Lifestyle Salon provides an indulgent pampering experience. Their holistic approach to hair cutting and skin care ensures pores remain clear while looking their best; book a fantastic facial or full body massage from one of their experts; their stylists can create any style, from curling your locks back to straightening them out. Parking can easily be found near this beautiful establishment, while cyclists may use the bike racks provided.

Landis Lifestyle Salon will help you ace any event with their professional stylists’ experience and know-how in creating stunning looks for guests. Book an appointment and allow these experts to cater to your needs; when you walk out, you’ll feel ready to face life.

*This salon provides various waxing services such as eyebrow, lip, and underarm.

Eyelash Extensions

No matter your Valentine’s Day plans – from going out for food to staying in and everything in between – you should look your best. Add an elegant finishing touch by having a lash lift and tint done! This treatment lifts and stains natural lashes to look like mascara (without the hassle). This salon also offers extensions, but you must make an appointment. Contact them now to book one.