March Madness – How to Get Your Team Ready For Selection Sunday


If you are an avid basketball fan, you probably have heard the term “March Madness.” It refers to the NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament every spring in the United States. The game is often referred to as March Madness because it is traditionally played in March.


Every year, millions of college basketball fans fill out March Madness brackets. It’s a time-honored tradition and one of the year’s most anticipated events. But before the tournament begins, there’s plenty to consider. Whether choosing the right seed for your team or picking a game to watch, you’ll need to know what to look for.

The first step is to figure out who your at-large teams are. There are 36 at-large teams. If a team has won at least five games during the regular season, it’s guaranteed a spot.

If your at-large team hasn’t won a game, it’s unlikely to earn a top-2 seed. If your team did win a game, though, it’s still possible that you could get a top-3 source.

Cinderella teams

A Cinderella team exceeds expectations in the NCAA Tournament. Usually, they are an afterthought on Selection Sunday. Luckily, there are some notable exceptions. Here are a few:

The Arizona Wildcats. In their inaugural season, the Wildcats defeated Memphis State and Arkansas. Then, they went on to play for the national championship. Although they ultimately lost to the Kansas Jayhawks, they are still the proud kings of the Cinderella division. Their run has been the stuff of legend.

For the record, there is more to a Cinderella team than simply getting through the NCAA Tournament. It’s been said that the most significant impact on a team is to improve its fan base. If the group can lure in more fans, it will be a winning team in the long run.

Conference tournaments

Conference tournaments are a big part of NCAA basketball. They are one of the main reasons why many teams qualify for the NCAA tournament. These are the games that decide the champion of a conference. However, predicting how a team will perform in a conference tournament is not always easy.

Many of the top national champions have won their conference tournaments. The NCAA has changed the rules over the years to allow intraconference matchups in the tournament’s second round. But plenty of leagues still leave the bottom of their standings out of the mix.

The first women’s tournament took place in 1982, and now there is a field of 64. Since then, three additional opening-round games have been added.

TV coverage

If you’re planning to watch the NCAA March Madness, you first need to know where to watch. The tournament is broadcast on four major networks: CBS, TBS, truTV, and Turner Sports. Each network has its schedule, and some games may be streamed via various platforms. However, if you’re only looking to watch some of the games, you will probably want to stick to the network with the cheapest subscription.

As of 2022, CBS will again be the exclusive television network for the NCAA Championship Game. They’ll also continue to air all 67 games of the tournament. That includes the women’s Final Four, which will be on the ESPN channel.

The good news for NCAA tournament fans who’d rather not watch on TV is that most of the action is being streamed online. You can stream the games to your computer or mobile device using March Madness Live. To do this, you will need to sign up for a cable or pay-TV provider, then use the credentials provided by the TV provider.

Campus parties

The March Madness season is officially underway and with it comes to all manner of fanfare, from bracket parties to team outings. This year, there’s no shame in having a little fun on the side. One of the best ways to do this is to throw an office-wide shindig. Of course, you’ll have to get your employees in the mood. Here are some hints on enticing your workforce to make your office party a smash hit.

Aside from the requisite beverages, you’ll need to cater to the needs of your employees. You’ll also want to devise a game plan to keep them entertained. For instance, you may want to include a basketball mini-game or billiards. Also, a game of shuffleboard or a nifty tidbit of trivia could be the perfect way to get your staff on board with your sports-themed office decoration.