Coral Isle Builders Reviews


Coral Isle Builders Reviews are essential if you consider buying a new home in Coral Isles. These reviews can give you information on customer service, accounts payable, scammers, and more. It can help you make a better decision.

Scammer information

The Cape Coral Police Department has warned about a job scam targeting individuals looking to work from home. They warn that the company, Coral Isle Builders, is a scam that offers the opportunity to earn money by taking people on tours of model homes.

Coral Isle Builders is a fake company that uses threats and scare tactics to deceive its potential employees. In one instance, a scam victim was asked to purchase four $500 gift cards and after buying them three times, was offered a new software package for his computer. The company also told him to deposit a check in a separate account. At another point, the company offered to pay for a new computer system and requested the victim to send a large sum of money to cover the cost.