Microwave-Friendly Totino’s Pizza Stuffers


Totino’s Pizza Stuffers make an excellent option for quick, warm snacks that can be quickly microwaved. Available in Pepperoni and Cheese varieties, these tasty snacks make great microwaveable options.

Pizza slices don’t provide the most extraordinary culinary experiences, but they do satisfy a particular craving. Unfortunately, however, their thin crust makes them susceptible to becoming soggy if cooked improperly.

How to Cook Totino’s Pizzas in the Microwave

Microwaving Totino’s pizza can be an efficient and quick way to enjoy a quick lunch, but it can be challenging to cook the pie without it becoming soggy or burnt. To prevent this issue from arising, follow some essential steps when microwaving your Totino’s pie: first, remove it from its wrapper and place it on a microwave-safe plate; cover the plate with a paper towel to absorb excess moisture and keep the crust crispy; finally, microwave your Totino’s pizza for three to four minutes and enjoy.

Totino’s pizza can also be prepared using an air fryer, providing a crisper crust and more flavorful slices than would otherwise be achievable when prepared using only microwave methods. Furthermore, this method will prevent sogginess.

If you’re in a pinch, an alternative method to microwaving Totino’s pizza using an oven may also work; this takes more time and patience, so it may not suit everyone. For optimal results when microwaving, Totino’s pizza rolls lining a microwavable plate is required to create microwaveable results.

Your Totino’s pizza can also be microwaved in a microwavable crisper tray, but beware not to overcrowd it, or they might stick together. Use glass or ceramic plates instead of plastic, as microwave heating can lead to uneven results; plastic may lead to soggy pizza!

Cooking Instructions

Pizza’s broad appeal lies in its irresistible texture. Combining crispy crust, soft cheese, and aromatic sauce creates an irresistibly delicious bite-size meal. However, microwaving can alter its appeal by turning soggy pizzas into edible items, but this might require cutting with a knife and fork!

Microwave ovens heat food by stimulating molecules within it to vibrate rapidly, which creates friction, which produces heat that heats the entire dish. Unfortunately, though, microwave energy doesn’t penetrate deeply enough into food such that frozen Totino’s pizza may remain crisp on the outside but doughy in the middle – to combat this, add a cup of water alongside your pizza in the microwave before placing it for optimal results.

Alternative heating methods include using a microwave-safe plate. While this option may be simpler and faster, if you want to take full advantage of your pizza’s rich flavors and crispiness, then microwave heating is not advised.

Storing Totino’s pizza leftovers requires several steps. First, defrost the pizza using the defrost setting on your microwave for two to three minutes before placing it in plastic wrap or paper towel and placing it in your fridge.

Cooking Time

Microwave ovens can be beneficial for those short on time who don’t have access to an ordinary oven yet don’t have enough funds or patience for conventional baking methods. Unfortunately, however, their use can also be quite hazardous due to frozen foods only being partially heated during the manufacturing process – leaving a potentially scorching interior that could result in severe burns if misused – potentially endangering both your health and life!

When microwave heating Totino’s pizza, be sure to use this method with caution to avoid accidents or injuries. In order to do so, place the pizza in a mug filled with water while it heats in the microwave; make sure it is constructed from safe material such as Corelle or Pyrex so as to not melt during heating, as this will help avoid water vapor that might sog the pizza and cause sogginess.

Microwaving Totino’s pizza can take as little as two minutes in a 1000-watt microwave, although this varies significantly between models. A food thermometer should be used to check its internal temperature to ensure it has reached an appropriate level before proceeding further with heating it and reducing the risk of foodborne illnesses that might be caused by undercooking or overcooking pizzas.


Microwave ovens work by rapidly vibrating food molecules, creating friction, which in turn generates heat. Unfortunately, microwave energy doesn’t penetrate deeply enough into foods; for instance, frozen Totino’s Pizza may remain doughy even after its edges have become crispy if direct microwave radiation comes into direct contact with it. To mitigate this potential issue, placing a cup of water next to it in the oven with your pizza may provide some protection from direct microwave radiation.

Air fryers offer another method for making Totino’s Party Pizza. Before using one, however, make sure the dough has fully defrosted by pressing a small piece onto its exterior – it should feel soft and pliable when fully defrosted. After it is defrosted, place the pizza onto a baking sheet suitable for high temperatures and set your timer!

Air fryers are easy to use and offer many features, from faster food preparation than conventional ovens to easy cleanup and reduced electricity bills. While air fryers do have certain disadvantages, such as limited capacity and learning curve, always follow your model’s instructions before using one to avoid unexpected results and possible texture differences when compared with conventionally baked pizzas.