Mungo Homes Reviews


A review of Mungo Homes reveals that the company is a worthy competitor but that its management is too old-fashioned, the atmosphere is cult-like, and it lacks diversity. In addition, the company has a poor track record regarding customer retention and days to pay. These are all significant issues that must be addressed before the company can truly compete.

Unprofessional management

Mungo Homes is an established, family-owned homebuilding company that has grown to become one of the most successful homebuilding companies in the Southeast. The company has achieved national attention and internal sales records and has outperformed local competitors. However, recent events have raised concerns about the company’s management and unprofessional practices.

One of the biggest complaints about Mungo homes is the lack of quality control. But it’s not just the mediocre quality of the house. The siding has started to crack, and the exterior painting has been lacking. This has led to complaints from residents planning to meet with Mungo to discuss their complaints.

Unfair management

The union representing maintenance workers at the St Mungo homes housing charity is taking indefinite strike action from Thursday, 22 April. The union, Unite, has over 500 members at the charity and warned in March that there is a culture of bullying and anti-union practices. Employees have previously staged walkouts twice, most recently in December and March, protesting disciplinary procedures.

The company has been named America’s Best Builder by the national magazine Builder. The award honors excellence in homebuilding, customer service, and design. In addition, the company has won several awards from the National Association of Home Builders. Mungo was recognized as the National Green Advocate of the Year and hauSmart, and in 2008, it received the National Housing Quality Award. Multiple sources have also ranked the company among the Top Workplaces in South Carolina.

Since 1954, Mungo Homes has been building homes in the South Carolina area. The company was voted America’s Best Builder by Builder magazine in 2012 and was named the National Green Advocate of the Year by NAHB in 2013. In addition, the company has been recognized for its energy-efficient hauSmart program and was awarded the National Housing Quality Award in 2008.

Unprofessional retention

A company’s reputation can be based on the level of employee retention. Mungo Homes has a good reputation, but unprofessional employee retention is a problem. The company pays well for the work performed and treats its employees like extended family. Employees at Mungo Homes enjoy a fair salary and flexible hours. They also get paid on time.

Unprofessional days to payment

Considering working for Mungo Homes, you may want to look at their pay and benefits packages. The company pays on par with other builders in the area, and the owners treat their employees like extended family. In addition, the company offers several ways to share in the success of the company. Mungo Homes has a lot of potentials. Unfortunately, the company’s management is old school and lacks any diversity.

Among Mungo homeowners’ complaints: poor quality of exterior painting and cracked siding. Some neighbors are planning a meeting to discuss this problem. Ultimately, they want Mungo to repaint their house and replace the siding. After all, it takes ten months to build a home.

Mungo Homes is a home builder that has been in business for five years. However, some customers have complained about the company’s lack of communication and professionalism. There are also complaints about re-sodding and fixing floors. Among other things, Mungo Homes has not been recommended to military personnel.