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Though the perfume market is oversaturated with chemical-laden perfumes, some traditional attar/ittr sellers refuse to modernize their trade and serve customers like Rabindranath Tagore (reportedly according to Niazuddin Allah Bakhsh of Haji Khuda Buksh Perfumers on Maulana Shaukat Ali Lane).

Here, you can find Kewra and Rose Water Perfumes starting from just Rs 30! Additionally, they have an exquisite collection of Islamic scents.

Amarnath Mishra & Co.

Pandit Amarnath Mishra, who died recently in Banaras, was not well-known, yet he was one of its finest sitar players. His home, located in Kabir Chaura’s northern neighborhood and constructed from pale yellow chunar sandstone with courtyards and staircases, was filled with music as his family practiced tabla in one room while playing the sarangi in another.

The shop specializes in traditional Indian attar and other fragrant products, including rose water, kesar oil, rosewater mist, panchpusp Henna attar, and meetha attar. In addition, conventional Indian perfumes and essential oils are produced and sold here.

The company is a top provider and trader of traditional Indian attars and other perfume products. Catering to clients nationwide at competitive prices across hospitals, hotels, and organizations has allowed the business to meet client demands by providing top-quality products at attractive prices. Hospitals, hotels, and organizations nationwide rely on this business for timely deliveries that arrive two to four days after an order has been placed – helping it maintain steady growth over the years.

Basha Perfumery House

Basha Perfumery House in Kolkata offers bridal fragrances, Islamic scents, and agarbattis at competitive prices, starting at Rs 40 per aroma. In addition, unique wedding fragrances and products like scented body oils, rose attar, and more can also be purchased here.

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Haji Khuda Buksh Perfumers

Near Nakhoda Masjid on Chitpur and Zakaria Street is this historic perfume shop. First established by Haji Khuda Buksh Nabi Buksh of Lucknow in 1824, today’s store is managed by Niazuddin Allah Bakhsh from Lucknow’s eighth generation – Niazuddin himself being part of that eighth generation. According to Niazuddin Allah Bakhsh’s account, his ancestors first moved to Kolkata in the early 1800s because their Bengali counterparts greatly enjoyed attars!

Their traditional perfumes remain highly desirable today, offering fragrances such as Kesari, jasmine, Hyatt, shaman, and oud – starting at INR 100 per gram.

This small outlet is your one-stop destination if you’re searching for high-quality attars and perfumes at an unbeatably low price. Renowned for their selection of imported fragrances from the Middle East, you can find anything from rose and jasmine perfumes to strong Kesari scents here – as well as body oils with aromatherapy benefits, aromatic bottled attars, and incense sticks in an impressive assortment of bouquets – make it an indispensable stop for perfume enthusiasts! Established in 1824, they sell imported fragrances renowned for variety and quality – must-visit them all perfume lovers! One of Kolkata’s premier perfume shops since 1824, they sell attar sellers imported fragrances of superior quality, making them famous among their clients due to their impressive variety and quality since 1824 – including body oils with aromatic aromatherapy benefits. Their wide variety and quality imported fragrance collection and salesmanship make them stand out among customers! One of Kolkata’s premier perfume shops since 1824 with established selling attar sellers famed for selling imported fragrances, which have become well-known due to being one of its oldest attar sellers since 1824, making them must-visit! This shop stands out among others as one of its most senior attar sellers. It was first established in 1824 and is renowned due to the wide variety and quality of its import collection, which stocks an impressive array of imported fragrances here and also stores an impressive incense range! Incense sticks from all scents make this a must-visit. It has been famous since 1824 for offering aroma-known and quality import fragrances made here, making this shop offering quality fragrances. Imported fragrances are known due to being long-range since 1824 when all kinds of them. This is one of Kolkata’s Best perfume shops as one of Kolkata since 1824 which renowned. Since 1824, quality of sale has been known as Attar sellers, which made Kolkata. Since 1824, it has also sold imported fragrances. It’s range stocked. Also, the Incense stick collection stock, as it stocks Incense sticks, made too many varieties of all these fragrances. Incense stick stock them to range. Incense sticks from various incense sticks also make these sticks known for multiple scents. The Shop. These make sure to smell great, too. This shop also. This one, of course. They stock Incense sticks and it all. They come from India that you have never before! It’s famous! A must-see one! It is the oldest at Tar Sellers since 1824, with many scents. & only sellers with. This is a visit! As for its variety, a range as they. Too; It’s. Stick! Also, stock as range. They’re, too. Incense sticks. They sell range so readily available. Stick! Scented body oil, which always keeps stocked!! This one, of course!

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The Royal Store

Royal Store is an Amazon marketplace seller known for selling Arts, Crafts, and sewing products with exceptional customer service. If you have inquiries before purchasing through Royal Store, you can contact them using Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging.

This shop is a favorite hangout of both old Calcuttans and young Calcutta residents alike, drawing customers of both generations from its shelves stocked with expensive foreign perfumes and cosmetics as well as homegrown labels – yet, somehow, the shop remains neat and orderly despite this staggering selection.

The Royal Store also sells an assortment of unique gift and souvenir items associated with the Royal Collections, from interior design articles based on patterns found in original materials from the 1600s through 1800s to facilities such as embroidered saree blouses to perfumed hand creams – at reasonable prices with helpful staff members who know exactly what to sell you!