Pets Best Pet Insurance Reviews


In this Pets Best Pet Insurance Review, we’ll talk about their unlimited accident and illness plans. However, one of the significant drawbacks of this plan is that it doesn’t cover elective or cosmetic procedures. In addition, you’ll have to wait two to 10 days for reimbursement.

Pets Best offers unlimited accident and illness plans.

Pets Best offers a variety of accident and illness plans, including an accident-only plan and a wellness plan. These plans differ in coverage and cost, but each covers various types of injuries. The accident-only plan covers costs associated with an accident, such as broken bones, animal bites, swallowed foreign bodies, or open wounds. It costs $6/month for cats and $9/month for dogs. However, this plan does not cover pre-existing conditions or illnesses.

In addition to accident-and-illness coverage, Pets Best also offers wellness add-ons. For example, they offer acupuncture and chiropractic care as add-on benefits. Both wellness and accident-only plans offer different deductibles and annual limits but also a free look period. If you don’t like the plans offered, you can cancel them within 30 days of purchase and receive a full refund.

Pets Best’s accident and illness plans are affordable and have no age limits for eligible pets. Premiums are low, and policies are easy to understand. There is a short waiting period for accidents and a long time for ligament injuries. And the company deposits funds directly to your bank account.

It does not cover elective or cosmetic procedures.

Pets Best has a variety of plans to choose from. Most of these cover preventive care, accidents, and illnesses. Some plans cover wellness and vaccinations. The insurance company also offers an Embrace plan that provides additional coverage for your pet. Embrace covers emergency care, surgery, diagnostics, and prescriptions. You can select the plan you want by logging into the Pets Best website.

To get a quote, you must provide your pet’s information. The insurance company asks for your pet’s name, breed, age, and gender. Some plans also require information about your pet’s primary veterinarian. Some may require your pet to undergo specific exams before you’re eligible for coverage.

Pets Best offers two kinds of policies – accident only an accident and illness. Both include wellness care and vet exams but exclude pre-existing conditions. Accident and illness policies also have deductibles and annual limits. The Essential plan has a $5k limit, while the Plus plan provides additional benefits. Accident and illness exam fees and chiropractic coverage are also included. The Elite plan allows you to choose an unlimited benefit limit.

It reimburses you directly.

Pets Best Pet Insurance reimburses you directly for expenses incurred while treating your pet. The company offers a variety of plans, including an extraordinary Accident Only Plan, and you can make your claim online, via mobile app, or by mail. Once approved, your claim will be processed, and your reimbursement will be received by check or direct deposit. You’ll usually receive your payment within five to seven days.

Premiums can vary depending on the deductible amount and the veterinary services you need to cover. Higher deductibles lower the monthly premium but remember that you’ll be responsible for any out-of-pocket expenses exceeding your deductible. Many insurers also have a maximum yearly limit on claims, so you’ll need to pay the excess out of your pocket if your pet suffers from a pre-existing condition.

You can cancel your Pets Best Pet Insurance policy anytime before your policy is effective, but make sure that you contact the company to cancel if you’re not satisfied with the coverage. Some companies have a 30-day grace period, so you have time to cancel if your situation changes.

It takes two to ten days to pay out a claim.

The payment timeline for Pets Best Pet Insurance is usually two to ten days, depending on the procedure used to submit the claim. Once submitted, Pets Best will verify the claim’s validity and send an invoice to the vet. If the claim is approved, Pets Best will send the pet owner a check or direct deposit.

If your pet needs extensive medical care, Pets Best has three different plans that cover accidents and illnesses. You can choose from a Basic, Plus, or Elite plan. The Essential plan covers the most common vet visits, emergency care, and cancer treatments. The Plus plan adds coverage for diagnostic tests and exam fees. The Elite plan also includes acupuncture and rehabilitation.

Pets Best offers a coverage limit of $10,000 per year for the Accident Only plan. The deductible is $250, and reimbursement ranges from seventy to ninety percent. The Accident Only plan does not cover routine care, acupuncture, or preventative care. Pets Best offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a five percent discount for multiple pets. The Accident Only plan requires a three-day waiting period and does not cover pets with pre-existing medical conditions.