Red Baron Pizza Melts


Product Details, in brief:

Red Baron Pizza Melts provides a tasty new take on classic pizza flavors! Savor zesty pepperoni and premium cheese sandwiched between crispy slices of toast for a delicious treat!

Easy to bake or microwave for quick meals and snacks on the go, this pizza innovation features simple ingredients with bold flavor for optimal convenience.

Classic Crust

Classic Crust Pizza offers a delicious combination of uniformly baked crust and an abundance of toppings – a dream for pizza enthusiasts! To enhance its delightful flavor, spread a thick layer of cheese (allowing some sauce to peek through), top with slices of pepperoni, and sprinkle with finely grated or powdered parmesan cheese before placing it in the oven to bake until bubbly cheese forms and the crust is golden brown – ready in just three minutes! Crispy yet melty goodness, all ready in three minutes!

Brick Oven Pizza

Brick oven pizza offers a distinct taste and texture unlike that of regular pizza, often featuring more toppings on its thicker crust and being heated more rapidly in its oven than is often seen with other forms. This ensures an attractive crunchiness on its crunchy crust as well as keeping its flavors and textures intact during the cooking process – popular in countries like Italy as an authentic style of pizza!

Brick ovens boast high temperatures that allow pizzas to be baked more quickly than conventional ovens, thanks to an even distribution of heat throughout. This prevents hot spots from forming quickly and cooking the pizza too fast, leading to perfect crusts with crispy, smoky toppings – and with high temperatures comes other flavor enhancements not possible with traditional methods of cooking alone.

Brick oven pizza is the ideal quick meal option for satisfying cravings quickly and delectably. Combining crisp crust with mouthwatering toppings makes this delectable treat the perfect treat for any special event or special day. Pizza chains such as New York Pizzeria and California Pizza Kitchen have made fast casual dining trends like brick oven pizza ubiquitous worldwide, meeting today’s 24/7 television viewing habits with fresh, fast, convenient meals. As more consumers demand fast casual dining experiences like brick oven pizza, it has experienced exponential growth within its industry to meet this need.

Pizza Hut Melts

Pizza Hut’s Melts handheld item marked its first entry into the handheld category this week with its introduction into participating locations’ menus. Melts was designed as a one-person pizza party solution featuring two slices of the chain’s Thin N’ Crispy crust loaded with toppings and cheese folded together and baked, similar to both stromboli and quesadillas, folded closed for baking in one. Melts is priced at $6.99 at participating restaurants.

Melts were developed to capitalize on “a few trends in our customers’ eating behaviors” and meet their need for greater daypart flexibility, according to a spokesman from the restaurant chain. He noted that these hand-held products feature pizza flavors with easier consumption than an entire pie would offer.

I found both Pepperoni Lover’s and Buffalo Chicken Melts tasty enough, though I missed the stretchy pull of mozzarella on regular pizza slices. Dipping sauces added extra filling power, but for what my money could get me, more than two Melts were needed to satisfy.

If you love handhelds, now’s your chance to give one a try without spending anything at all! Sign up for the Hawaiian or Cheesy Corn ‘N’ Shroom Melts Sweepstakes for the chance of receiving two Melts free between now and June 24 by using promo code “FREEHUTMELTS” when spending at least $15 or using “FREEHUTMELTS.”