Redfin Agent Reviews


Redfin agent reviews cover a variety of topics. These include the lack of hands-on help, the lack of transparency, and the commission refund policy. In addition, you can read about their in-house agents. While these agents may be the most popular, not everyone is satisfied with their services.

In-house agents

Redfin’s in-house agents have received mostly positive reviews, but some clients have complained of poor communication. They are also unhappy about the lack of follow-up from the company. They claim their agents missed appointments and didn’t communicate well with the seller. While judging an agent based on a few reviews is impossible, it’s still important to look out for harmful Redfin agents.

Although Redfin has many of the same features as its competitor, it may not be as personalized. For example, instead of working directly with an agent, you’ll deal with a Lead Agent and the back-office team. This will make the process less personalized and save you some money. On the other hand, Clever works with seasoned, top-performing agents from traditional brokerages. The company looks for agents with at least five years of experience, positive customer reviews, and a good track record.

Redfin’s website offers low commission rates for home sellers and rebates for buyers. Their reputation as a low-commission brokerage is impressive, but the services of their in-house agents aren’t as good as those offered by other discount brands. Consumers will get better overall value from another brand of discount real estate agents.

Commission refunds

A Redfin agent commission refund can help you save money when buying a house. The process works like this: the agent takes a percentage of the cooperating commission and then refunds it to the buyer. The rebate amount varies depending on the purchase price, and the number of homes toured. Knowing how the rebate process works to get the most money out of your purchase can be helpful.

Redfin agents’ commission refunds have decreased slightly in recent years. The company’s refund rate has dropped from 75% to 66%. The company has also hinted at eliminating commissions. But it is still not clear what this would look like for customers. To calculate the savings, Redfin compares customer fees and calculates how much money the buyer saves as a result.

The refund is available to buyers only in specific markets. It does not apply to buyers who used an agent who is not a Redfin agent. To qualify for the refund, the buyer’s agent’s commission must be at least 1% of the total purchase price. This is typically a minimum of $6,500. However, the refund will not apply if the commission exceeds 3%.