RocoMamas Menu Prices in South Africa


The RocoMamas menu in South Africa is available at a variety of price points. You can get Smashburgers, Make Your Own burgers, Six Bombs and Kid Rock burgers. There are also desserts and drinks. The cost of each item varies, but generally ranges between R23 and R212. The cost of a 500ml Still Water is around R13. The prices of each item are detailed on the RocoMamas website.

Fish burgers

With a retro feel and a rock ‘n’ roll ambiance, Rocomamas restaurants are an excellent addition to any cityscape. Rocomamas offers a variety of burgers to suit different tastes and budgets. If you’re looking for an exciting twist on the traditional hamburger, Rocomamas may not be the place for you. These restaurants smash their beef on a hot grill to let the juices marinade the beef.

In addition to their signature burger, Rocomamas also offers chicken wings and ribs. The “Smashburger” concept involves smashing ground beef on a hot grill to seal in the juices and create a juicy medium to well-done patty. Customers who have tried this special burger swear by the experience. The concept has spread to other parts of the world, with restaurants in Kenya, Mauritius, Cyprus, India, Zimbabwe, and Namibia.

The two-step burger preparation process allows customers to customize their burgers in many ways. The base is the most basic part of the burger, while the toppings can vary greatly. The menu includes a variety of burgers, from traditional burgers to unique hake burgers. The chain has over 75 locations across South Africa. The prices for Rocomamas Fish Burgers are comparable to other fast food chains.

While the South African branch was one of the first to offer smashburgers, it now also serves a variety of other items such as wings and salads. The restaurant’s success has attracted larger competitors. Spur Steakhouse purchased the chain in 2015, while the original founder remains. It’s hard to go wrong with RocoMama! There’s something for everyone on the RocoMamas menu!

Pancake burgers

The smashburger is the main attraction at RocoMamas. It is made with a batter-like patty instead of a hamburger patty, which makes it crisper and juicier. Besides this dish, there are a variety of other options on the menu. For instance, a R50 Old Skool smashburger comes with 150g of smashed beef, tomato, red onion, and RocoMayo. These burgers are a must-try.

The prices at Rocomamas vary from one location to the next, but in general, they are priced between R21 and R210. Depending on the size and type of your burger, you will pay between R23 and R212 for your meal. For drinks, you will pay a minimum of R20, which is a bit more than R20 per drink. Alternatively, you can choose a R22 pancake burger, and R19 for a small fry.

While the prices at Rocomamas are affordable, be sure to check out the different options on the menu to save money. Many options are available for the same price as a regular hamburger at another restaurant. It’s also possible to buy a burger and get a drink for under R10. For the ultimate burger experience, you’ll want to go to a restaurant that specializes in smashburgers. This is the only way to ensure you have a great experience.

RocoMamas offers customers two ordering options: the Classic Cheeseburger and the Custom Burger. Both options will give you great options to start. Try the Classic Cheeseburger or try the Chilli Cheese Bomb. You can also try out the hake burgers, which are particularly delicious. The prices vary depending on the type of burger and the amount of toppings you choose. The prices are affordable for a gourmet burger and the variety of toppings available.