RoFx EA Review – Is RoFx EA Right For You?


In this RoFx EA review, we will look at some of the critical features of this robot. These features include the Myfxbook chart, Transparency, Reliability, and Customer service. These features will help you decide whether RoFx EA is suitable for your trading needs.

Myfxbook chart

The Myfxbook account seems to be okay. It includes trading charts, trading activity, and advanced trading statistics. The company prioritizes transparency. However, a myfxbook chart shows open orders and trades, not closed trades. This might not be the case since the system may not have been updated recently.

However, the Myfxbook chart also shows the robot’s performance. In addition, the company’s monthly analytics chart provides information about the profitability of this EA over time. It can show how much you have profited in a concise time, even if you’ve only made a small deposit. However, it took two years for the ROFX ea to reach its current level.

The Myfxbook chart is private by default, but you can choose to make it public so that thousands of people can view it and analyze it. Several options for publicizing your charts include allowing others to subscribe to them or comment on them. You can also share the URL with other Myfxbook users. It’s available in many countries worldwide, meaning you can access it no matter where you’re located. However, before using it, ensure you’re registered with a forex broker in your country.


Transparency is a significant priority for ROFX. ROFX displays trading activity, advanced statistics, and trading results in its trading charts. It also offers trading privileges and a verified track record. In addition, ROFX maintains a transparent trading account. The trading account statement provides information regarding the number of open trades and orders and the overall trading result.

Rx is an established fintech company with offices in the US, Europe, and Hong Kong. The company holds an annual conference that invites both VIP and average clients. It is not regulated, but it has a network of links with top brokerage firms in the US, Asia, and Europe.

A credible team of developers backs ROFX. Its algorithm has been updated several times throughout its operation. It constantly scans the market for information and identifies the best opportunities for profit for its clients. The user interface of ROFX is user-friendly and makes it easy for anyone to start trading.


As a trading robot, RoFx EA is safe and effective. It trades only EURUSD and GBPUSD pairs, and it automatically spreads losses. It is expensive, but it is a safe investment. It is available in five different bundles, each with its price. It is based on a self-learning neural network, so it is unlikely to have any negative months. Moreover, this EA does not use risky strategies like leverage. It also makes use of stop losses to minimize losses.

Another positive feature of RoFx is its reliability. The company’s analytics chart shows that the system has never lost a single trader’s money. They also compensate their clients in case of any loss. This contrasts with other EAs, which do not use stop losses and employ scalping strategies.

Another great feature of RoFx is that it is fully transparent. You can sign up for a free account on the official website to try it out. Then, if you like the program, you can upgrade to a paid plan if you need more features and support.

Customer service

If you are looking for a robot that can trade successfully, you should consider RoFx. It is a fully automated system that will trade on your behalf, and it works with several top brokers in Asia, the United States, and Europe. There is no complicated software to install or set up, and you can deposit money with any currency, including Bitcoin. In addition, the customer support team is available around the clock and will resolve any issues you might have.

The company’s head office is in the United Kingdom, and there are other US and Hong Kong offices. It hosts an annual conference for its VIP clients. It is not regulated but is affiliated with some of the world’s largest brokerage firms. You can contact customer support by email or live chat if you have any questions.

Customer service is another critical element of a good robot. While many forex robots are mediocre, RoFx’s customer service team is excellent and responsive. You can reach the team via live chat, which is convenient for many users. You can also monitor the robot’s progress, view your profit calculator, and contact the team directly.