The Parkhouse Marlborough Stock Brick


Phillip Morris’ stock market tumble would shatter not only American faith in their tobacco empire but also our notions of brands themselves. Marlboro cigarettes had long been a cornerstone of American life, once widely available across restaurants, vending machines, and lips across the nation. But soon afterward came Phillip Morris’ share price collapse, which further damaged public faith in American tobacco giants as a whole.

Product Description

Ibstock’s Parkhouse Marlborough stock brick is an economical, versatile solution, available in buff and with a light texture. Ideal for multiple applications in any masonry application and offering clean and crisp results in any building project, slight differences between packs can cause color banding; to achieve the best results, it is recommended to mix bricks from at least three groups when purchasing multicolored ones.

Hargreave Hale, one of the premier small-cap boutiques, has been chosen as manager for this fund. They boast an outstanding track record and are recognized specialists in small and mid-cap stocks, employing low turnover strategies that hold around 200 companies to reduce stock-specific risk while running winners aggressively and cutting losses quickly – this process has held up well through various market cycles, yielding positive returns for investors. Eustace Santa Barbara and Guy Feld jointly manage this fund.


Ibstock manufactures this 65mm multicolored frogged stock brick. For optimal results when ordering bright bricks, it is advisable to mix at least three packs in order to achieve an even blend and reduce color banding. Due to clay brick’s composition, there may be slight variations from batch to batch. For more details regarding delivery prices, returns, and color variance, please see our Delivery & Returns page.

Ibstock Parkhouse Marlborough Stock bricks feature a buff hue with a light texture, making them versatile enough for use as facing bricks and paving blocks and even when combined with other colored bricks to form stunning feature walls. When used alongside different colors, it is wise to seal these bricks using Ibstock Stonecoat sealer; we highly recommend Ibstock Stonecoat’.

Hargreave Hale team’s esteemed stock-picking expertise shines through with this fund. Specializing in small-cap stocks, their rigorous process includes weekly company meetings and comprehensive analysis of individual stocks – providing exposure to this sector of the market without incurring additional risk and costs associated with diversification portfolios. Established in September 2014 and managed jointly by Eustace Santa Barbara and Guy Feld, it offers unparalleled returns.


Marlborough Stock is a light-textured brick that adds visual interest and functionality to projects or is used as a facing brick due to its soft texture. Due to the nature of clay products, color variation between batches may occur, so when selecting multicolored bricks for facade use, it is wise to mix at least three packs to avoid “color banding.”

The Parkhouse Marlborough Stock Brick is a 65mm light brown multi-sandfaced stock brick. Suitable for most masonry applications, this brick can also be laid frogged as per conventional methods of placement.

Marlborough Wine Estates Group Limited and its subsidiaries specialize in the production, marketing, and sale of premium wines. It primarily produces Sauvignon Blancs in New Zealand’s Awatere Valley region of Marlborough for domestic and international distribution, as well as grape farming services and viticulture services for customers globally. Their common stock can be found listed on NZX.


Marlborough stock bricks come in sizes that span from 75mm to 200mm. It is recommended to purchase multiple packs or at least a sample before placing an order, as this allows you to get an accurate impression of their color and texture prior to ordering online – doing this also prevents “color banding,” which occurs when different packs of bricks are combined into the same project.

Stockopedia 2023 Ibstock Parkhouse Marlborough bricks are versatile multi-sandfaced stock-facing bricks that can be used in most masonry applications. Constructed of clay material with high thermal mass and low conductivity characteristics, Ibstock Parkhouse Marlborough bricks provide thermal and acoustic insulation when utilized within any given application.

Marlborough Wine Estates Group Limited of New Zealand has seen its share price steadily decrease over the past month despite having solid fundamentals. They produce Sauvignon Blanc wines from vineyards located in the Awatere Valley region in Marlborough, New Zealand.