Tips to get 1000 Visitors a Day inside 6 Months – Part a single


I recently read a publish on a message forum just where someone asked the query of how he could get a thousand visitors a day in concerning six months. This appears to be a reasonable goal but requires a decent amount of work and dedication. This sequence will consist of several contents that will act as a “recipe” to reach this goal. The particular 6 part series will probably be broken down into the following types:

Building Content

Search Engine Ideas

Building Backlinks

Social Bookmarking

Niche market-Based Traffic

Retaining Readers

This post will cover tricks for Building Content, which is the primary and most important part of receiving visitors to your site.

What is Information?

Content is the information and data in your blog’s various websites, posts, and categories. Whether your website is a permanent HTML page-based internet site or if it is a vibrant blog-based site, your blog must have content. Content prevails in various forms, such as articles or blog posts, photos, videos, ebooks, and perhaps digital merchandise.


The most valuable content is original information. What that means is information you own, create, or have special rights to. With that in mind, Articles or blog posts are typically the most common form of information on the Internet because an article is written and created by you (in most cases). You will discover websites that you can go to to look for articles about a specific theme and use them on your web page as long as you provide credit to the original author. One of the most common websites to find articles to submit on your site is EzineArticles. com. Once again, I suggest you produce your articles because if new reader likes what you have to say, they will be more likely to return and keep reading.


Photos usually are another great way to add information to your site. Perhaps they are pics you have taken yourself, although you were at a particular place and witnessed something by yourself. Perhaps they are photos connected with you. Or perhaps they are pics you have found on various websites and compiled with your website. I suggest getting a photo album or category with your website and finding strategies to insert photos into your articles, reviews, and pages or blog posts. These photos will get spidered by various websites and can even drive additional traffic to your blog. One example, in an article My partner and I wrote about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, I inserted an image of the Brazilian Flag, which will get indexed by Yahoo or google, and ended up driving about 15 visitors a day to help my site.


Just as before, the best content is unique content. Perhaps you have a website with Golf Tips. A good thing to try and do would be to record different easy-guide videos and provide them to readers to help guide them as being a visual guide for the different tips. Videos can usually be a little more helpful than reading ideas from an article or discovering photos. You can upload your current videos to YouTube and embed them on your site. The bonus to achieving this is if you link your current YouTube videos to your site, someone who stumbles upon the video online may visit your website and become a frequent visitor. When for some reason, you can not record your videos, you can always search Vimeo to find videos related to your current niche. Once you find one you enjoy, you can post it on your website. Keep in mind that this may bring about driving traffic away from your internet site at the moment. Still, if you rely on your reader, you can locate and display quality content over a topic; they may return to your internet site instead of searching the web because of it themselves.


A popular pattern nowadays is to offer your readership a free eBook on a certain topic. The Ebook, which can usually be a PDF record, is helpful and geared toward a specific topic. Sometimes, websites offer an e-book for a low price, such as a pair of dollars. I paid around 14 dollars for an e-book that I was interested in. Still, I then shared that e-book with everyone considering it for free. So even though the owner got my $14, he didn’t get something from the other ten folks or so that I shared that with (welcome to the electronic digital area). I think a better method of circulating Ebooks is to provide them for free in exchange for a subscription or sign up for an email message list. This way, both parties find something of value. If that is the case, I would have just introduced my ten friends to the website instead of providing the book.

Digital Product

This is the concept of Internet marketing. While that entire notion is beyond the chance of this post or even that series, I can temporarily touch on it. Some internet websites allow you to sign up online and sell their products through your web page for a commission. In my opinion, the people who work best are for you to “Create A Page” and display the products directly on your blog. Typically, you can insert a program title, description, and photography for each page. This will have indexed and increase the odds of driving traffic to your site company searches for a particular phrase. A sample is if you search to get “Fairtex Ultimate NHB Gloves,” you may end up finding my very own website. This is because I have this product available for sale on my site, and I have done a product evaluation article on this item. Consequently, both can be found on my web page. Once again, it’s just another strategy to add content to your website, in addition to profit from it at the same time.

Your aim

With the goal in mind of traveling 1000 visitors a day for six months (a goal this seems big and overwhelming), you need to act it otherwise. The way to attack it is to get small goals that you can gain. A good way to receive 1000 readers a day is to have a lot of pages and posts on your website. You should encourage 400 instructions, 500 pages, and articles and reviews on your website by the end connected six months. The more content you may have, the more likely someone is to find a special page on your website. If you end up having 500 websites and posts combined, and one gets two to go to a piece individually, you formerly created what you need to reach your aim. I suggest setting up your websites first when you build your site. Pages are static things that don’t change. Some examples are usually About Me, Contact, and Backlinks. Dynamic pages or Content change frequently. This is where you should post your articles or perhaps video clips. The 500 might appear like an overwhelming number, but if you act as you break it down to monthly, weekly, or even daily overall, then it will seem more compact and more achievable. This will bring about you reach your goal quickly. 500 posts get about 83 a month, 21 a week, or 3 per day. These are all achievable should you work at it.

The following content in this series will cover Google Search Tips. Among the tips incorporated will be keyword optimization, posting your website,

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