What Happened to Mansion Global?


Fox Business Network was once known for focusing on Wall Street, but their new FBN Prime lineup is shifting their attention towards Main Street instead. Shows such as Mansion Global explore luxury real estate listings while American Dynasty follows prominent families – these shows celebrate American industry and ingenuity and its contributions.

What Happened?

Kacie McDonnell has been an in-demand talent on Fox Business since 2019. She hosts shows such as Mansion Global and American Dream Home to provide viewers exclusive luxury real estate listings and emotional stories of families pursuing their American dreams by finding forever homes. McDonnell currently has an estimated net worth of approximately $1 million and is dating baseball player Eric Hosmer.

Why Did the Show End?

Fox Business Network has long been the go-to place for financial news on Wall Street, but now, Fox Business wants viewers to tune in for coverage of Main Street as well.

Mansion Global premiered on Fox Nation streaming service in 2019 and provided an inside look into luxury real estate listings around America and globally. Hosted by Kacie McDonnell – known for her expertise in fashion and beauty -Mansion Global features 30-minute episodes that provide an inside glimpse into luxury real estate listings across America and worldwide.

Kacie McDonnell is also a Fox Business Network talent, hosting several programs, including Mansion Global and Social Distancing with Kacie McDonnell. Her net worth stands at over $1 Million while she earns $150 Thousand per year in income.

FBN Prime returns this fall with new episodes of How America Works with Mike Rowe, American Built with Stuart Varney, and American Dream Home with Cheryl Casone. Additionally, Miami real estate veteran Katrina Campins will host American Dynasty, an in-depth examination of influential family empires throughout history.

What’s the Future?

Mansion Global’s website states its mission will remain “to provide affluent real estate buyers with prestige properties.” With offerings including global market analysis and news updates, and exclusive listings available to them through exclusive listings, Mansion Global empowers property seekers to make more informed decisions when searching for property.

In the meantime, those seeking an inside peek into luxury properties can watch Mansion Global on Fox Business Network. Katrina Campins currently hosts this program; Kacie McDonnell will return from maternity leave once back.

Watching FBN Prime this fall to explore distinctive homes is also an option; their fall lineup features How America Works with Mike Rowe, American Built with Stuart Varney, and American Dream Home with Cheryl Casone as primetime programming.

Concerning COVID-19’s future, it appears that people will continue their movement away from cities and into suburbs despite any slower growth rate, prompting demand for luxury homes to increase in 2023 likely. According to City Signal’s report, anticipated trends for the NYC luxury real estate market include bunkers, above-ground swimming pools, and other offerings.

What Can We Expect from FBN Prime?

Fox Business Network’s Fbn Prime will return with a new and returning series after an incredible second season. Mike Rowe’s How America Works will lead off with its debut last year, which saw viewers increase by 50% year-over-year during that Monday 8 PM ET time slot alone! Other returning series include Stuart Varney’s American Built, Cheryl Casone’s American Dream Home, and Kacie McDonnell’s Mansion Global.

FBN will launch two real estate programs this week. Starting Tuesday night, Katrina Campins will replace Kacie McDonnell on back-to-back episodes of Mansion Global, an international real estate show based on Dow Jones property indexes that offer exclusive properties and themed episodes such as Beach Life and Gone Country.

The same night, FBN will premiere Historic Battles for America: Crucial Conflicts, narrated by Kelsey Grammer. The 60-minute show will explore key battles which left an indelible mark on America, such as Bunker Hill, The Alamo, and Antietam. Afterward, their Fbn Prime block will continue airing its popular programs such as How America Works, American Dream Home, and Duck Family Treasure, in addition to recently adding American Gold: The Legend of Bear Gulch reality TV series American Gold: The Legend of Bear Gulch reality series American Gold: The Legend of Bear Gulch.