Who is the CEO of Fortune Com?


Becoming the CEO of a Fortune 500 company takes hard work, excellent qualifications, and many skills – but it also requires exceptional qualifications and years of experience to reach that position.

Fortune is a premier business media brand and leader in executive conferences (Fortune Live Media). We reveal how global leaders drive business success with unrivaled access and quality storytelling.

Alan Murray

He also plays and teaches traditional Irish music on guitar, performing at venues such as Warren Wilson College’s Swanannoa Gathering in North Carolina and Catskills Irish Arts Week. Additionally, he holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina, where he was both John Motley Morehead Scholar and Merit Scholar.

Fortune provides print and online journalism, books, and conferences (Fortune Live Media), designed to bring together top CEOs/C-Suite and policymakers for in-depth conversations on important business and political topics.

Henry Luce, the founder of Time Inc. and Time Magazine, established Life as “the Ideal Super-Class Magazine” for wealthy and influential people in 1929. Since 2011 Chatchaval Jiaravanon of Charoen Pokphand in Thailand has owned Life, one of America’s oldest and most respected publishing brands.

President & CEO

At a time when most business publications were black-and-white 11″x 14″, Fortune stood out by its creamy heavy paper and artful cover. Its writers, who stressed humanistic values and social responsibility, created an institution known for hosting global CEO/C-Suite summits (Fortune Live Media).

In 2022, more Black CEOs led Fortune 500 companies than ever before – an encouraging sign of progress that often goes ignored by global corporations. Yet many other societal problems remain unaddressed by significant businesses.

Miceli brings 18 years of experience in resource identification, grant writing, and donor cultivation to ensure Fortune is at the forefront of addressing critical issues through content and events. His focus will also be to build upon existing membership communities’ successes and develop new ones within Fortune. Before joining us, he served as Chief Program Officer at JobsFirstNYC; and holds advanced degrees in Management and Social Work.

Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

Fortune magazine made headlines when Alyson Shontell became its editor-in-chief for the first time in October 2021, as she became its inaugural female editor-in-chief 92 years after its inception. Not only was Alyson Shontell an unprecedented first-woman editor-in-chief, but at 35, she is also a digital native, having worked exclusively at Business Insider, where she achieved rapid advancement to the editor-in-chief within four years of joining.

She takes over as the company focuses on signing up digital subscribers to help offset declining print ad sales. They have implemented a tiered paywall and publish newsletters, videos, and podcasts.

Fortune magazine is working to revive its executive conference business, adversely affected by protracted contract negotiations between management and its union. Management hopes to reach an agreement by year’s end. In addition, Fortune is trying to diversify its workforce and incorporate more women leaders – its staff comprises 64% female employees, according to its most recent employee census.

Chief Financial Officer

Fortune magazine, best known for its business content and rankings of corporate CEOs based on financial metrics, now has an ambitious new aim: expanding corporate success to benefit more than just financially. Last year, Murray led Fortune Publishing Company towards this milestone when they published the inaugural Change the World List featuring companies that do more than make money.

This list, created with funding from the Skoll Foundation, highlights seven influential leaders, such as Cherie Blair CBE QC (Founder, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women) and Neelie Kroes (CEO, The Netherlands).

Mark Bowser oversees financial planning and analysis, mergers and acquisitions, programming, and supply chain functions at Cox Communications’ business divisions. With a bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting from Pennsylvania State University, he serves on the boards of STARLIGHT Foundation and Ronald McDonald House Charities; before joining Cox, he was chief financial officer of Sprint Commercial Services Division.