Worlds Best Engineer Manwha Chapter 83


World’s Best Engineer Manwha is an exciting, entertaining, and gripping manga series. Featuring some fantastic action sequences and its main protagonist being an engineer in real life before, the story sees him apply his engineering knowledge here.

An engineering student falls asleep while reading a fantasy novel and wakes up as one of its characters! Now, he inhabits the body of a drunk noble, using his engineering knowledge to design inventions that help thwart impending fate.

1. Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was an innovative Serbian-American inventor renowned for many groundbreaking innovations we depend on daily. His combined physics and mathematics talent enabled him to make revolutionary discoveries that remained essential decades after his death. Tesla received over three hundred patents, but many inventions never became widely adopted or popular.

From an early age, Tesla was inventive, tinkering with various household appliances and electrical devices. His natural curiosity and intelligence allowed him to conceptualize, construct, and perfect his creations in his mind before physically writing them down on paper. Hugo Gernsback once described Tesla as 6 feet tall with deep-set eyes and stately features.

After graduating from both the Technical University of Graz and the University of Prague in the 1870s, Nikola Tesla embarked upon his work in telephony and electrical power across Austria and Hungary before migrating to the United States in 1884, where he briefly worked for the electrical industry before founding his laboratories and companies.

Tesla made several demonstrations of wireless telegraphy two years before Guglielmo Marconi and invented electric oscillators, meters, and improved lights. His most celebrated invention was the Tesla coil which produced high voltage/high frequency electricity that could be transmitted over long distances without wires.

Tesla may have accomplished much, but his business acumen left much to be desired, and he suffered financial losses. One such venture was his attempt to construct Wardenclyffe on Shoreham Long Island, which would have broadcast both signal and free energy globally; unfortunately, he could not complete it and ultimately sold his property to a film processing company.

2. Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was an incredible Jewish physicist who developed quantum theory and experimentally demonstrated the existence of atoms. Born in Ulm, Germany, and studying at Zurich Polytechnic, he excelled in mathematics and physics but received only average marks overall; while working as a patent clerk at the Swiss patent office from 1905-14, eventually becoming a member of the Institute for Advanced Study Princeton New Jersey before dying April 18, 1955, aged 76 in Princeton Cemetery Princeton New Jersey – known today as Princeton Cemetery.

3. Thomas Edison

Though Edison failed at times – such as with fuel cells – his inquisitive mind created the world’s first industrial research lab. Edison preferred intimate settings with few close associates and disdained academia and corporate operations, which limited his freedom to experiment.

Edison displayed above his desk a sign with Sir Joshua Reynolds’ quote: “No man will resort to any expedient to avoid the actual labor of thinking.

Edison built an immense following for his inventions, many of which fundamentally transformed modern life. A media scrum would descend upon his laboratory and sit for hours or days at his side; skilled assistants included draftsman/mechanical engineer William Batchelor and Swiss machinist Charles Kruesi were part of this workforce as well. Edison understood the importance of marketing his achievements and frequently staged exhibitions of his electric lamp, phonograph, and motion picture projector creations.

5. Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great is widely considered one of history’s most outstanding military leaders, yet many don’t recognize his engineering talents. Alexander had an in-depth understanding of war physics that enabled him to plan his army’s attacks and inspire its troops – often leading the charge himself! Due to these abilities, he experienced several near-death experiences before eventually being wounded many times, including being saved at Granicus River from Persian assassins by Cleitus the Black at the last moment! Read manga TWBE Chapter 83 online with high image quality and quick loading speeds at MangaBuddy!