4 Korean BBQ Restaurants in Reading


Having a Korean BBQ is a fantastic way to enjoy quality time with your family and get some tasty food! But before you get started, it is essential to ensure you have all the ingredients you will need. So here are some suggestions for ingredients to consider.


Located on King Street, Soju is the first Korean restaurant to open in Reading. Featuring classic Korean dishes, the restaurant focuses on pairing Korean liquors with food. Eventually, SoJu will add appetizers and vegetable items.

Soju is a clear distilled liquor made from rice. It is one of the most popular spirits in Korea and has been around for centuries.

There are several soju variations. Some are better than others. For example, premium soju is generally stronger in ABV, which makes it better for stirred drinks. Also, it is possible to make soju with different grains. For example, some soju is made with rice, while others are made with other starches.

Soju is also one of the most popular liquors in the United States. It is one of the largest categories of liquor on the market.


Traditionally, Korean barbecue is served on special occasions, but it is also an excellent choice for a meal you can enjoy at home. The key is a combination of flavors that complements your meat.

Among the most popular Korean dishes are kimchi and bulgogi. Kimchi is made of salted and fermented vegetables. It’s used in a variety of dishes, including stews and soups.

Kimchi can be eaten on its own or as a side dish. Traditionally, Koreans will eat a kimchi wrap filled with a small/medium piece of meat and topped with a sauce. The most common sauce is a doenjang sauce made from soybean paste.

Korean barbecue is a feast for all of your senses. It starts with delicious aromas and ends with the taste. You can choose from a wide variety of sauces.


Whether you’re dining out at a Korean restaurant or just having a simple dinner at home, banchan is the foundation of your meal. It’s a collection of side dishes served along with the main meal. However, it’s usually done before the main course.

There are four main types of banchan. These are kimchi, namul much, jorim, and Jim. These dishes can be classified by general categories of ingredients, culinary techniques, and jangajji (seasonings).

Kimchi is a vegetable dish that has been fermented. Kimchi comes in hundreds of varieties. It’s typically made with Korean gochujang chili powder, salt, and vegetables. Traditionally, it’s fermented in earthenware pots.

Jojo is a savory soup that can be served as a banchan. A Jim is an umbrella term for delicious soups or meat and vegetable side dishes.

Side dishes

Besides meat, Korean barbecue restaurants serve a variety of side dishes called banchan. These dishes are simple to prepare and are a great way to add flavor and variety to your meal.

To make a Korean barbecue dish, you must marinate your meat and other ingredients. You can also add some crunchy vegetables to your meal. This will help break up the smooth taste of the heart.

For example, spicy Korean coleslaw is a good choice. It preserves the crunchy cabbage texture while adding a touch of sweetness to your dish. It can be added to hamburgers or tacos.

Another popular side dish for Korean barbecue is steamed eggplant. It is easy to prepare and is a healthy choice. It is made by seasoning cooked eggplant with a unique Korean soy sauce seasoning. The eggplant is then cooked for 15 minutes and served over rice.


Authenticity is the order of the day at a Korean BBQ restaurant. They have a long list of dishes to choose from, and their menu is more than just the usual meats and sides. You can try famous Korean dishes such as bulgogi, bibimbap,, and kimchi stew.

Among the numerous Korean restaurants in the city, Hanbat Sullungtang stands out as the top of the class. They serve up a good meal and offer some of the best cuts of beef around. Their menu also contains all the grilled meats you can think of and other cuisine staples like kimchi stew and white rice.

The Korean barbecue craze has spread across the country and beyond. Many restaurants provide portable stoves for diners who want to cook their meats. In addition, some restaurants have built-in grills for those who don’t have a backyard.