5 Different Types of Rubber Garden Edging


Rubber garden edging is one of the easiest, inexpensive ways to frame your garden. The material is flexible and won’t damage your plants. This makes it ideal for a variety of landscapes. If you’re looking for durable and attractive edging, consider using a natural stone like cobblestone. This kind of edging is also suitable for driveways and sideways.

Easy Edge

The Easy Edge rubber garden edging is a durable and easy-to-use option for your yard. It is made from recycled rubber tires and provides a long-lasting, finished look. It is excellent for driveways, walkways, beds, and more. The edging is available in two different colors: cedar and brown.

Easy Edge is available in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Each piece is a different size and is easy to install. It also comes in four-foot sections for easier installation. You can purchase four or six-foot areas to create a complete line of edging.

Earth Edge

Earth Edge rubber garden edging is made from recycled tires and is an excellent option for landscape designers. This durable rubber edging can be used under a fence, around planting beds, sidewalks, and driveways. This edging comes in black, cedar red, and dark brown colors and includes four nails to ensure a secure installation.

Roman stone

Roman Stone rubber garden edging is a versatile option that enhances the look of your outdoor living space. Its 4″ rubber border can form curved or straight lines around your outdoor area and features 90% pre-drilled spike holes to quickly drive stakes through the membrane. The product includes four installation spikes.

Roman Stone rubber garden edging is a sustainable alternative to traditional lawn edging. This rubber garden edging is made of recycled tire rubber and is available in 1.2m lengths. Because it is a recycled material, it is environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It’s also flexible enough to follow your garden’s lines and lightweight and easy to install.


Bamboo rubber garden edging is an economical way to create an attractive garden. The bamboo stalks can be trimmed to the appropriate height for your garden. You can also purchase pre-woven sections or make your own by weaving the bamboo stalks together. Bamboo garden edging is excellent for creating an accent border or pathway edge.

Bamboo edging can be driven into the ground or pushed in by hand. If you choose to go the border into the ground, it is recommended to use a saw to cut. This material is relatively small in diameter, which makes it easy to use any saw. Once you have missed the bamboo, use a rope to mark where you want the bamboo to be placed.

Flat roll

If you’re in the market for rubber edging for your garden, you’ve come to the right place. Whether installing a strip along the outside of your yard or a flat roll in your garden, rubber edging offers several benefits. In addition to creating a neat border for your flower beds, these strips are also great for containing weeds.

Flat roll rubber edging is an excellent choice for preventing weeds from growing under your flower beds. It also works as a ground cover for plants. Just make sure that you pick the right size for your garden.

Recycled rubber

Recycled rubber garden edging is an excellent choice for some applications. Its 100% recycled material makes it ideal for borders, flower beds, and playgrounds. This product is lightweight and easy to install. It is available in a variety of colors and shapes. You can purchase brick-shaped or full-length strips. It is also environmentally friendly, as it is made from recycled tires.

It is available in rolls under a fence, around flower beds, and along sidewalks. It is made of recycled rubber mixed with a colored binder and molded for a durable finish. You can choose from blue, white or gray.