American Journey Cat Food Review


American Journey offers dry cat food with single or multiple grain-free protein formulas, using natural animal protein as the first ingredient, and free from corn, wheat, soy, and poultry by-product meal.

American Journey’s wet food products feature pate or minced mince in gravy consistency and are 100% grain-free, featuring no poultry by-product meal or artificial preservatives.


American Journey offers grain-free dry and wet food formulas explicitly designed to meet the dietary needs of cats. It is produced in the US and features high-quality proteins and other nutritious ingredients, without artificial flavors, preservatives, or grains – as well as offering various flavor choices and nutritional advantages for your feline companion.

All American Journey recipes use quality animal meat, poultry, or fish as their first ingredient, free from corn, wheat, and soy. They also provide additional nutritional value with vegetables and fruits with added nutrition. They also utilize natural fat sources and contain various vitamins and minerals for your cat’s well-being.

These companies avoid using unidentified meat by-products in their products, instead relying on organ meats like beef liver and chicken gizzards instead of controversial derivatives, which many pet owners associate with slaughterhouse waste.

American Journey pet foods may not be cheap, but more cost-effective than premium brands. By buying them in bulk and taking advantage of Chewy’s free shipping and auto-ship options, you could see significant savings of up to 25% on your first order! It is an excellent way to save money while providing your pet with quality nutrition.


American Journey offers high-quality canned cat foods made with a wide variety of ingredients, and these formulas are grain-free, featuring moderate levels of protein, fat, and carbohydrates, as well as some chelated minerals, which chemically link proteins with minerals that make absorption easier for cats with digestive issues. Unfortunately, the brand uses sodium selenite, an unnatural form of selenium, instead of its more natural source, such as selenium yeast.

All American Journey cat foods start with quality meat or poultry products such as deboned chicken or turkey, free from animal by-products and grains – as cats are obligate carnivores who require natural animal proteins in their diets.

American Journey cat food stands out among competing pet food products by not including any artificial flavors and colors and has no history of recalls – both noteworthy achievements for an emerging brand such as its.

This grain-free cat food, featuring chicken as its protein source and boasting a 40% crude protein content, has low calories while providing lots of fiber that helps support weight management. Furthermore, this cat food is fortified with taurine and antioxidants from around the globe – manufactured in the US but using ingredients from around the world!

Made in the U.S.A.

American Journey cat food is a good option for cats with allergies or other health conditions, including grain allergies. This grain-free option does not use artificial flavors or colors and often features quality protein sources as the first ingredient. Most of its recipes are also sourced domestically without animal byproducts included.

American Journey pet food recipes begin with high-quality meat ingredients like deboned chicken, turkey meal, and eggs for extra nutrition. Furthermore, American Journey uses several vegetables like peas and potatoes that may provide less nutritional value than meat, an important consideration when selecting pet food for your cat.

American Journey offers both canned and dry pet food products. In addition, they also carry supplements and treats. Their canned foods tend to have higher protein and moisture levels than competing brands and are less expensive as a result.

American Journey’s Landmark Tuna & Tilapia Recipe is an outstanding example of its commitment to quality. It is grain-free for felines as obligate carnivores and features high protein sources such as tuna and fish broth – making this meal perfect for cats! Additionally, no fruits or veggies are present, creating a flavorful yet protein-rich feast that provides everything a feline needs in an enjoyable meal!


American Journey is a relatively new company created to create high-quality pet food at an accessible price. Their products can be sold on Chewy, cutting out any middlemen and offering cheaper recipes. Each formula in their product line contains quality protein without grains or corn as fillers, without artificial additives, and free from artificial coloring – yet some customers have reported digestive issues from using this food brand.

American Journey offers several wet cat food varieties. Their Landmark Tuna & Tilapia canned food features solely animal protein as its primary ingredient and features a flavorful broth made with fish and chicken stock for added nutritional value and taste. Furthermore, this canned food features high moisture content, making it suitable for cats with sensitive stomachs.

American Journey dry cat food comes in various varieties to meet any cat’s specific needs, whether kitten or indoor-only food. Other types feature one protein source like lamb, turkey, or duck and are free from grains – ideal for cats with food sensitivities! Additionally, each formula offers balanced vitamin and mineral profiles, taurine, and omega fatty acids to support eye and heart health.