Verus Dog Food Review


Verus provides dry kibble and canned food options designed to meet various health conditions, sizes, and special dietary requirements in pets. Furthermore, their processes emphasize transparency for better decision-making by pet parents.

Verus foods are designed to meet AAFCO nutritional standards. Furthermore, some of their recipes have received certification as USDA Organic or are Non-GMO Project verified.

High-Quality Ingredients

Verus provides dry kibble and canned food recipes designed for dogs of all sizes and life stages, using top-grade animal proteins and nutritious fruits and vegetables without artificial additives or fillers – a commitment reflected by its many positive reviews from customers and dog owners’ recommendations.

Cold Water Fish Fresh formula from this brand is one of the most beloved. This grain-free kibble features wild-caught salmon, menhaden fish meal lentils, chickpeas, and peas for rich protein and omega fatty acid intake; corn, wheat, and soy are free, and this food includes chelated minerals plus freeze-dried probiotics and prebiotics for complete nutrition.

Ollie’s Fresh Formula from this company is another delicious option, boasting rich protein from wild-caught salmon, menhaden, garbanzo beans, lentils and peas, and chelated minerals for easy absorption. Additionally, this food includes organ meats like beef liver and chicken gizzards for additional natural proteins and fats.

This food also contains tomato pomace, an ingredient with mixed reviews from pet parents. Produced as a by-product of the tomato processing industry, tomato pomace can provide ample fiber and nutrients while being low in calories. Chicory root contains high inulin concentrations to benefit their pet’s digestive health further.


Verus Pet Foods recognizes that transparency is integral to building trust with its customers, offering information about its manufacturing processes, ingredient sourcing practices, and quality control measures to assist pet parents in making informed choices that align with their values and preferences.

Verus pet foods are AAFCO-compliant and made from nutritious ingredients, such as premium proteins, whole grains, and nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables. Verus’ commitment to high-quality ingredients and nutritional balance has earned brand-wide acclaim among pet owners who have reported positive changes in their pet’s health after switching to Verus dog food; some pets have experienced enhanced digestive health or energy levels, and others experienced improvements in coat or skin health as a result.

Verus provides dry and canned dog foods suitable for all sizes, ages, life stages, and species of canines. Their selection also includes treats and supplements, ensuring every pet owner can find something perfect to meet their pet’s needs. Moreover, Verus pet foods are manufactured in the US under rigorous production standards that comply with industry regulations.


Verus Pet Foods is a sustainable pet food brand with comprehensive transparency regarding its ingredients sourcing and manufacturing processes, crafting nutritious formulas to meet the needs of dogs of all ages.

The company utilizes only top-grade, human-grade meat from local suppliers who comply with strict sustainability and animal welfare standards. It guarantees its products have the appropriate balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals while helping avoid allergen-induced reactions in sensitive pets.

Many pet owners know the environmental impact of pet food production, so companies must utilize sustainable practices and limit waste production. Verus prioritizes environmentally conscious sourcing practices when manufacturing its product in the Pacific Northwest region to decrease carbon emissions and encourages customers to recycle empty bags from pet food purchases.

Verus’ focus on using only high-grade, all-natural ingredients allows them to provide premium pet nutrition products explicitly tailored for every animal species. Their formulas feature essential fatty acids to promote skin and coat health and transparency measures designed to build trust among pet parents.

Verus differentiates itself from brand X by producing their dog food domestically in the US, under close supervision and compliance with stringent regulatory standards. This allows for strict oversight of production.

Customer Reviews

Verus Pet Foods has you covered when it comes to dry or canned food needs for all life stages and breeds of pets, with an assortment of kibble recipes suitable for all life stages and species, as well as numerous canned protein source offerings to satisfy picky eaters or address health concerns.

Manufacturers utilize ingredients suitable for human consumption and use a slow-cooking process to preserve nutrients and flavors in their products, which ensures that pets receive only high-quality nutrition that supports better digestion. This ensures they get all they need.

Customers tend to give this brand’s food high marks, often noting how tasty it is for picky pups and that its high-calorie content supports weight management for active dogs as well as helping resolve some GI or allergy issues.

Verus’ most beloved recipe is their Life Advantage Chicken Meal, Oats, and Brown Rice formula, featuring cage-free chicken, oats, brown rice, and other nutritional components like inulin (a natural source of soluble dietary fiber) and freeze-dried probiotics. Plus, it features chelated minerals that chemically attach themselves to proteins for easier absorption – this food also excludes corn, wheat, and rice, making it suitable for those dogs sensitive to these grains.