Arcadian Pizza in Cleveland Ohio


Arcadian Restaurant near me offers pizza, wings, and fried chicken as well as salads and pasta dishes, offering both healthy options and indulgent ones such as lava cakes.

Not exaggerating, it would be fair to say that foodie posts and tweets about Cleveland Eatery on Facebook and Twitter soon after it opened have been impressively enthusiastic. With its unique cornmeal crust, Neopolitan elements, and chef-like approach to topping combinations – not to mention an impressive array of topping combinations – Cleveland Eatery is quickly winning over doubters with every visit.


Arcadian Pizza in Cleveland quickly generated excitement through social media posts and tweets almost immediately upon husband-and-wife chefs Cory Hess and Rebecca Hess’ acquisition of City Grill for their inaugural venture into restaurant ownership.

Their pizzas go beyond the current trend of austere thin-crust Neapolitan pie to offer something more luxurious akin to Sicilian cuisine, with a soft raised crust encasing seasonal veggies, plump chopped clams, and buttery bacon as toppings curated specifically by Arcadian chefs.

Sam Panopoulos of Satellite Restaurant in Ontario, Canada, first created this unique style of pizza back in the 1960s as an attempt to increase business. While some debate whether pineapple should belong on pizza, it has since become an ever-present part of many menus, such as Arcadian. Here, you will also be able to enjoy other delicious dishes, draught and bottled wines from across Europe, regional and craft beers, craft cocktail specials, and, yes, even crafty cocktails!


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My Slice of the Pie Pizzeria in Arcadia offers delicious Latin-themed pizza, such as You Gotta Carne Asada with its succulent combination of chargrilled steak, avocado puree, cilantro, and cotija sauce topped on a NY-style crust. Experience one yourself!


Cory and Rebecca Hess anticipated it would take no more than six months to renovate Gordon Square space and open Arcadian, but the result has exceeded all expectations. Arcadian’s pizza department forgoes austere thin-crust Neapolitan pie trends in favor of Sicilian-style crusts with perfect crunch while its soft raised top cossets Arcadian’s carefully curated toppings such as bracing seasonal vegetables, plump chopped clams, and buttery bacon – while their carefully considered selection of both draught and bottle wines complements everything offered here.