Arkansas Travelers Schedule – Dickey-Stephens Park in North Little Rock, Arkansas


The Arkansas Travelers are a minor league baseball team based out of North Little Rock, Arkansas, that is affiliated with the Seattle Mariners and participates in the Texas League. Dickey-Stephens Park serves as the home field for this traveler, offering 5,800 fixed stadium seats and a general admission grass berm seating capacity of 7,200 seats for visitors to come to watch their games!

The 2021 season will kick off on May 4 and run through September 19, with 60 home games played throughout.

Dickey-Stephens Park

Dickey-Stephens Park in North Little Rock is home to the Seattle Mariners minor league AA baseball team, featuring a fixed seating capacity of 5,600, 24 skyboxes, restaurants, and shops – as part of revitalization efforts in downtown North Little Rock – along with one of the giant video scoreboards in minors league baseball that provides statistics and replays to help fans better connect with game action.

Dickey-Stephens Stadium is known for its entertaining promotions and family-friendly atmosphere, hosting fun-filled promotions, themed nights, and giveaways throughout each season. Additionally, to games at Dickey-Stephens, activities to entertain families, such as the playground and splash pad for children, food trucks, and an on-site brewery, provide hours of family fun at Dickey-Stephens. Mascots such as Ace and Otey make visits especially memorable; kids often interact with them during these interactions! ACE and Otey are popular among kids during these interactions! Dickey-Stephens also hosts themed nights and giveaways each season, providing additional activities at Dickey Stephens.

Dickey-Stephens Park stands out from other new baseball parks by featuring unique attractions that set it apart, such as an exterior designed to resemble a train station – this motif also carries into the interior design, giving this ballpark its unique identity within minor league baseball.

A beer garden was added to the ballpark in 2022 and offers fans a great place to gather for game viewing with friends while enjoying cold beers and tasty bites like burgers and fries, hot dogs, and wings, as well as plenty of television screens so fans don’t miss any action.

Dickey-Stephens Park is an outstanding minor league stadium, yet its future remains uncertain. Major League Baseball recently unveiled new “facility standards” that may threaten North Little Rock Travelers’ stay for an extended period.

The Travelers are in discussions with the city over who will pay for upgrades at the Dickey-Stephens ballpark, so their future in Dickey-Stephens remains unclear. Their 20-year lease with Dickey-Stephens expires in 2031, so they will likely continue playing there.

Interactive Seating Chart

Dickey-Stephens Park offers two levels of reserved seating for Arkansas Travelers fans at Dickey-Stephens Park and luxury suites and general admission grass berms for general admission grass berms in the outfield. For fans hoping to view their dugout, sections 109 and 110 offer some of the most sought-after seats.

The Travelers (nicknamed The Travs) is a professional Minor League Baseball team based out of North Little Rock since 1963. As the Double-A affiliate for the Seattle Mariners, they previously affiliated with the Los Angeles Angels, St. Louis Cardinals, and Philadelphia Phillies, among other teams.

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Home Games

Dickey-Stephens Park will reopen for professional baseball action on May 4, with the Travelers playing their first regular-season game since February 22. With 120 regular-season games scheduled this season, their fans should look forward to an exciting baseball experience at Dickey-Stephens Park!

As the new season is set to commence, local baseball fans must secure tickets for the Arkansas Travelers early. There is no better way to experience minor league baseball than by attending one of their home games, playing in the Double-A Central League out of North Little Rock, Arkansas, since 1901 with their iconic nickname of “Travs”.

The Travelers take their name from an iconic 19th-century folk song and have long held onto it since their debut. One of only two Minor League teams still using it today, they remain one of the oldest and most successful Minor League baseball franchises, missing only seven seasons over their long and distinguished history.

This year, the Travelers will be managed by a former MLB manager, with an impressive roster of prospects who may eventually make it to Major League Baseball. AAA typically features former big leaguers or older prospects nearing retirement age nearing the end of their careers; however, Seattle’s robust farm system potentially provides them with future MLB stars that may play for them this season.

Dickey-Stephens Park offers something for everyone looking to enjoy a game with friends or family, offering numerous group seating options like the Tracks Inn picnic area above the right field wall that can seat 500+ fans, or the Dickey Room, which can host groups of 25 or more.

The facility is an engineering marvel with cutting-edge amenities designed to enhance fan experiences, making this stadium an excellent spot for watching Minor League Baseball. Furthermore, its distinctive design makes the ballpark visible from all points across Little Rock – including downtown Little Rock across the Arkansas River!