ArmorThane Polyurea Coating Training Classes


Applying polyurea coatings without proper training can result in numerous issues, including noncompliance with industry standards, costly mistakes, and unsatisfied clients. ArmorThane offers polyurea coating training classes that will help expand your business and maximize return on investment (ROI). The actual Interesting Info about polyurea training.

Dudley Primeaux II, an industry expert, and educator of the Advanced Applicator Course. This comprehensive training covers every aspect of product usage, including surface preparation execution and evaluation, priming techniques, spray techniques, and equipment maintenance/operation/maintainability.

Introduction to Polyurea

Polyurea is a fast-curing spray coating designed for application on various surfaces. Thanks to its thick film and seamless membrane characteristics, Polyurea’s durability lies in its exceptional elongation, tensile strength, resistance against chemical corrosion abrasion, and color-matching capabilities with slip-resistant additives for slip prevention. Plus, potable water-approved formulations may use Polyurea too!

Cryogenic coatings have become incredibly popular over the past several years due to their superior corrosion protection, structural enhancement, durability, and waterproofing qualities. Cryogenic layers are composed of two parts; an isocyanate component combined with a synthetic resin blend component via step-growth polymerization. Reactants for each are stored separately as plural-component systems before being mixed in a mixing module before pressurized application.

Polyurea can be found in commercial roofing, tank linings, bridge coatings, and primary or secondary containment linings for concrete structures. It features excellent abrasion and chemical resistance, with some formulations even being potable water approved! Marine applications use it to protect docks, piers, and other structures against corrosion; emergency services employ it on vehicle bed liners to quickly get their fleet on the road again without incurring further damages that prolong their lives.

Advanced Applicator Course

Polyurea is a highly durable coating system, perfect for many different applications. However, applying this type of coating requires specific training and expertise – which is why ArmorThane offers polyurea training classes so you can learn everything about this versatile coatings system.

The course starts with an overview of polyurea and other direct impingement thick film coatings, their history, science, and application process. You will gain knowledge of their unique physical properties and testing procedures. Next, you will explore various fast-set polyurea spray systems tailored to different application projects.

Contractors seeking to increase revenue and build a solid client base will find this training ideal. It covers essential equipment and chemicals needed for spraying polyurea, safe handling procedures, and quality assurance/quality control processes, with opportunities to learn from industry experts and ask pertinent questions about application processes.

Polyurea technology is continuously developing. Every year brings with it new products, application methods, and safety standards – therefore, to remain current, applicators must attend training sessions regularly to keep abreast of developments and pass their pesticide licensing exams more easily – studies indicate that commercial applicators who participate are 13% more likely than those who don’t attend such training to pass.

Polyurea Specification Course

As a coating professional, adhering to industry standards is of utmost importance. This is especially true for polyurea coatings with long-term corrosion protection and durable applications requiring durable protection. ArmorThane Coatings Academy courses will teach you to remain compliant and build credibility as a dependable service provider.

Through this course, you’ll gain an in-depth knowledge of polyurea specifications and how they apply in your work environment. You will also appreciate why polyurea coatings may be more effective than others and discover the equipment necessary for its proper usage and upkeep.

This class is a prerequisite for the Level I Applicator Certification course, which combines classroom learning and hands-on spraying experience with an examination process leading to Applicator Qualification. This course covers various polyurea varieties, safety considerations, application equipment and characteristics, proportioning units, and spray guns – and how best to optimize them for use on projects of various kinds. It also covers the significance and use of specifications in application work, primer selection, and option topcoat requirements. This course is updated annually to take account of new industry standards and formulation developments – providing contractors and engineers with information they can use when drafting specifications for polyurea coating/lining installation works.

Spray Equipment Maintenance Course

As the manager of a landscape department or owner of your spraying business, your team must receive appropriate training on all the equipment they will use. By training employees on proper equipment usage and care practices, many problems ranging from poor applications and product use errors to maintenance issues can be avoided altogether.

This course is tailored towards anyone interested in the polyurea coating industry, such as students, engineers/architects for specification purposes, facility owners/coating specifiers/inspectors of polyurea applications, and equipment suppliers. This course introduces polyurea technology from various angles, including history, chemistry, general processing characteristics, and application uses.

In addition to learning polyurea’s physical properties and application methods, this course also explores a sprayer system’s major components – compressor, gun, heater, and pump -. Students will discover how to troubleshoot and maintain these parts to keep them operating at optimal performance.

Learn the proper use and maintenance of your equipment to save time on maintenance repairs while focusing on more pressing matters. ArmorThane’s polyurea coating training program equips you with all the knowledge necessary to adhere to industry standards, ensure a trusted service provider reputation, and deliver quality results to clients.

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