Sony’s MyPS4Life is essentially a short video displaying a compilation of various stats related to one’s time spent on PS4 video games. The specific element is that it is not limited to only 2018 insights because it was going all of the way lower back to 2013 when PS4 was launched. Some of the insights proven within the video are about the primary sport which you performed on the PS4, the whole variety of hours you have got spent gambling, a wide variety of titles you have got performed, top 3 most played video games, a wide variety of trophies you have earned, and your maximum uncommon award.


MyPS4Life notes how many other gamers have earned that particular trophy for a selected game, a statistic that neither Sony nor sport makers usually screen. What Sony does publicly share, but, is the percentage of players which have finished that trophy. Using a piece of math, it’s nearly truthful to compute how many human beings have virtually performed that recreation at one factor of time or every other. So with a 0.7% completion charge for Mass Effect: Andromeda’s platinum trophy, having most effective 15,448 gamers whole it approach that the sport had around 2.2 million players at one time.


It’s no longer a genuine statistic, however, and it sincerely doesn’t constitute unit income numbers. Some publishers offer unfastened copies of video games in promos and bundles so those numbers might be plenty much less than what MyPS4Life is showing. And considering none of these is public to be had, the one’s trophy achievements only depend on how many people publicly percentage their motion pictures. Or till Sony pulls the plug on as a minimum the trophy numbers.



Step 1: Visit the official Sony MyPS4Life internet web page via touring this link.


Step 2: Log-in to the web page the use of the Sony PSN ID for which you want to create the video.


Step three: On the web page, you will see Create my video button. Click the same, and this is it.


Note: Creating the video will robotically register you to receive promotional gives and emails from Sony however you may select to unsubscribe any time via PSN settings.


It has to take a couple of minutes in your personalized MyPS4Life video, but it can also bring greater. If it’s miles taking longer than you could wait, genuinely close the page. Once the video gets created, Sony will send a link to the equal to the email deal with linked with PSN ID you used. In the intervening time, you could additionally watch the video Sony shared revealing insights about the whole PS4 gaming community related to those 5 years.



Once you’re there and logged in, you can take a look at out a preferred video combining stats of all PlayStation 4 customers. If you want one specific to yourself, click the “create my video” button to be directed to a new web page wherein you can see you’re My Life PS4 video. This can take numerous mins to load so that you’ll should be a touch patient. It’s also really worth noting that this method may additionally signal you up to obtain marketing emails from Sony; however, you could decide out of them later.


The video will display you the primary recreation you ever performed in your PlayStation 4 and depending on how desperate you were for release titles this will now not be something you recall fondly. You’ll additionally get a precis of what number of hours you’ve spent using your PlayStation along how many games you’ve played.


Perhaps the most exciting display is the “maximum performed video games” section in which the video will show you your pinnacle three games by way of hours. Once you’re done, you can clutch an embed or share code to expose all of your friends your MyPS4Life video and evaluate stats. This is all in the birthday celebration of 5 years since the console’s preliminary launch, lower back in November 2013.


Is My PS4 Life exciting?

If you start making the movies, then it is thrilling.

How can I take a look at my existence on PS4?

The solution is simple through the website of it.