Enjoy your lockdown period with best assassins creed gods of Valhalla


Are you get bore like me at home? To be very honest it’s really boring in the home all the time. That’s why I choose to play the current release game; the assassins creed gods of Valhalla. One of the best games I played ever. I get so into it that I forget everything except the game. I am a game lover. Both indoor-outdoor games I prefer to play.

But now, when going outside is restricted, I prefer to spend time at home and whatever available I play. A few days back, I came to know about the assassins creed gods of Valhalla. I heard about it from one of a friend. I thought to play it once. Guys, it’s so amazing I could not believe it. So I thought to give a review of this wonderful game. So that you people who are game lovers like me will get an idea of this game, so without wasting more time, let’s get started.

About the game

When I say an action role-play game, that means I am talking about the most discussed game of this year. The assassins creed gods of Valhalla. It is one of the pot action role games. The game is published by Ubisoft and developed by Ubisoft Montreal. The game is the 22nd release of the Assassin’s Creed series and the 12th major instalment. The game is talking about 873 AD. It tells a fictional story during Britain’s Viking invasion. All the players control the river.

Assassins creed gods of Valhalla released on 10th November 2020. The game would be available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Series S, and Stadia, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Microsoft Windows on 12th November. Most of the critics gave positive reviews about the game. These critics praised the game story and the graphics. Also, they criticized the technical issues, and as per them, the innovation is lacking somewhere.

Release date of the game

Initially, the release date of the Valhalla was announced on 17th November. But later, the release date preponed and the game released on 10th November 2020. Assassins creed gods of Valhalla are considered as the first Assassin’s Creed title for consoles next generation. The game could have launched the Xbox Series X/S. Along with it, the game was released on stadia, Xbox one, Xbox series X/s, play station 4, Microsoft Windows, play station 5.

Development of the game

It took almost two years for the development of the Assassins creed gods of Valhalla. The main development was done by the Ubisoft Montreal team, and it was supported by the 14 Ubisoft studios globally.

There was a time people were not that many families with video games. But gradually, we are getting obsessed with these games. For me, it’s a kind of stress buster. I get relief when I play any type of video game. Especially this one. The quality, graphics picture quality is too good. Ubisoft understands the mentality of these viewers and uses this in-game. So quality win against quantity.

Pros of Assassins creed gods of Valhalla

  • In this game, space has been used in a better way.
  • You can enjoy the cool moments with the characters from Norse mythology.
  • Improved gear and upgradation.
  • The settlement feature is really good.
  • Lots of space to explore, and you will get many puzzles to solve.
  • The sound effects are really catchy, and the Visuals are breathtaking.


Who is the publisher of the Assassins creed gods of Valhalla?

The publisher’s name is Ubisoft.

What is the name of the director?

Ashraf Ismail is the director of this game.

Is it a single-player platform?

Yes, it is.