Becky the Loon – Why She’s So Important to Finding Dory


Finding Dory introduces us to many new characters (such as Hank the crabby octopus and Destiny, a nearsighted whale shark), but Becky the loonbird stands out. Her boisterous yet independent demeanor belies her strength; she knows exactly what she’s doing despite appearing messy.

Unlike Nigel from Finding Nemo, this loon-like creature seems self-sufficient and follows her rhythms. So, what exactly is a loon?

1. She’s a loon

Finding Nemo and Finding Dory films showcase the power of birds to assist various sea creatures and even a beluga whale in times of need, such as Hank the octopus, Gerald the sea lion, and Becky the loon, among others. While Becky may seem offbeat or eccentric at first glance, she proves herself time after time to be a reliable friend who continuously senses when her friends are in peril, making her one of the mainstays in these films and an invaluable action figure!

Marlin and Nemo meet many memorable creatures during their adventure at the Marine Life Institute, but Becky is one of the most endearing and endearing characters. An offbeat loon with an optimistic disposition, Becky inspires other fish around her with her enthusiasm and positive outlook; Dory, in particular, takes to her.

Becky, too, is an incredible bird who displays unique flying ability by never letting go of her wings while remaining upright and flying in an unobstructed path. Becky excels at landing, which she shows when carrying Marlin and Nemo during the film’s climactic scene.

She is adept at flying and diving – as evidenced by her dive to save Destiny, the whale shark stranded on shore. This dive shows off her dedication and skill as an advocate.

One notable characteristic of Becky is her voracious appetite for popcorn, an aspect brought up by director Andrew Stanton on the DVD’s audio commentary track of Finding Nemo. Stanton also mentions how they originally intended for Becky to be male but changed after watching The Ellen DeGeneres Show inspired him.

Though Becky is never explicitly identified in the film, she is likely a female loon. Both sexes of this species produce an undulating call similar to “huh-huh-huh” during courtship, territorial disputes, nest selection, and nest selection, which has come to be known as their choking call – used as distress signaling or disapproval signaling.

2. She’s a bucket

After the success of Finding Nemo, Finding Dory proved an equally memorable sequel that delighted audiences around the globe. Thanks to its engaging storyline and breathtaking animation style, Finding Dory became a fan favorite with audiences everywhere. Marlin, Nemo, and Dory returned for this sequel, but one character from it, Becky the Loon (an underrated character named by Disney Parks!), truly stole the show and quickly became one of its heroes – she even has her cameo at Disney Parks!

Becky the Loon may appear silly with her large head and loud voice, but she is no fool. Becky is a pretty intelligent bird who always remembers what matters in life, plus she has some impressive skills that help save the day when necessary; for instance, she possesses many “survival instincts” to aid her when faced with difficult circumstances.

One of her most incredible talents is detecting items at a distance. This is handy when searching for Marlin and Nemo; she can see their silhouettes against the horizon, giving her an idea of where they may be hiding.

Becky stands out among sea animals for being capable of swimming underwater – something no other species can do. This allows her to move more quickly.

Becky is an exceptional example of heroism; she is never afraid to step in when her friends need assistance and is highly resourceful when searching for people. Using Gerald’s left green bucket, Becky transports Marlin and Nemo before teaching them how to swim using current. Becky truly goes the extra mile when helping those around her.

Dory proves herself a heroic protagonist when she finds Hank: she escapes being tossed into a truck and is eventually saved by the otters. Ultimately, she manages to convince Hank that they can survive together in the ocean just as she does and persuade him to follow her off a Cleveland-bound truck.

3. She’s a popcorn

Finding Nemo was an unforgettable success, and its sequel provided audiences with even more beloved characters we had already come to love underwater. But some of its newcomers were unexpected; for instance, Becky the loon who stole the show while also sparking much debate – such as how such an immobile bird managed to have such an effectful voice.

Becky first arrived at the Marine Life Institute when Marlin asked Fluke and Rudder, two sea lions from Fluke’s Marine Life Institute team, to assist two clownfish from outside in entering. Becky started pecking at them while performing her loon call – until Fluke and Rudder eventually pushed her away and gave her her green bucket with which she carried them from the Quarantine holding zone to the open Ocean exhibit with fish greeting her along their journey.

Her charming one-liners and hilarious comments may make her memorable, but her intelligence sets her apart. She excels at keeping up with all her new friends, always carrying around that iconic flashy green bucket with which she made such an impression. Her constant reminders about Dory’s parents put the phrase “It notes runs in my family” into context.

Becky is known for her mental prowess and an attentive mother figure to all the blue tangs at the institute. She helps look after them and tries to bring Charlie and Jenny home from Quarantine despite other blue tangs being euthanized for not surviving quarantine.

Finding Dory made an unforgettable impression on audiences around the globe, thanks to Becky. With her humor, intelligence, and role as an authoritative mother figure – Becky quickly stole the show! Her success joins other pivotal Pixar film characters like Nigel the Pelican and Baily Beluga, who also captured audiences’ hearts.

4. She’s a pelican

Finding Dory wasn’t only about Dory herself. Many animals at the Marine Life Institute also played vital roles, featuring stories exploring internalized ableism, family relationships, and persistence as character development themes.

Finding Dory: In this sequel to 2003’s hit Finding Nemo, nervous clownfish Marlin and forgetful blue tang fish Dory embark on an unforgettable journey to locate her parents. Along the way, they encounter various inhabitants from Marine Life Institute, such as Hank (voiced by Ed O’Neill of Modern Family), an octopus who gives his fellow employees short shrift; Bailey (Ty Burrell from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), a beluga whale who believes her biological sonar skills may be failing her; and Destiny (voiced by Kaitlin Olson from The Wire), an eyewitness whale shark who also works at MLI.

Becky is the main protagonist in Finding Dory. A loon who follows her compass and knows precisely what she is doing despite everyone doubting her, Becky is hardworking yet independent enough to carry a bucketful of fish. She doesn’t take crap from anyone.

Becky has quickly become an iconic Pixar character thanks to her small screen time and line of action figures. Her bold personality and penchant for popcorn set her apart among Marine Life Institute animals. Besides being a movie star, she’s a big-hearted creature who always provides help when her friends need assistance.

Misconceptions about Finding Dory as an animated children’s film often include assumptions that its storytelling and character development must be overly sentimental or saccharine. But Pixar movies never shy away from exploring complex topics such as loss, death, and grief — evidenced in Finding Nemo, where Dory mourns their deaths and its themes about adulthood and accepting differences among its protagonists.