The Ancient City Finder in Minecraft


The Ancient City is an immense structure filled with rare end-game items and home to a mighty blind mob known as The Warden, who spawns whenever Sculk Shriekers sense movement and emit four shrieks of distress.

Mountain biomes tend to host its creation, although other areas may contain it. Never has any ocean, river, or swamp been known to generate its growth.

How to find an Ancient City

Minecraft’s Wild update introduced many exciting new elements, including the Ancient City. This mysterious underground structure houses powerful mobs like Warden and tons of rare Loot. While finding this hidden oasis may be challenging, its high-value items make it worthwhile!

The first step to finding an Ancient City is ensuring you’re in the appropriate biome. Cities only appear within Deep, Dark Biomes with low erosion values – these may include jagged peaks, stony peaks, frozen slopes, cherry groves, or snowy mountains – although they have also occasionally appeared under aquatic biomes such as oceans, rivers, or swamps.

Once you’ve discovered a Deep, Dark Biome, the next step should be searching for Ancient Cities. They tend to appear around Y level -52 and can usually be found beneath mountains – though not every Deep Dark Biome will contain one, so you may need to explore several biomes before finding one!

Digging in an Ancient City requires absolute silence; any noise could alert the Sculk Sensors, who would then send a Warden after them if they detect you. To mitigate this risk, players can wrap themselves in wool or carpet to absorb any sounds generated when moving, crouch down while exploring, and use Potions of Night Vision when breaking blocks to lower their chances of alerting Sculk Shriekers.

Tools such as Chunkbase or commands like “/locate structure minecraft:ancient_city” may help if players want a faster approach to finding Ancient Cities. But using these methods requires turning on cheats in their game world’s pause menu before creating or opening an existing LAN world through it; otherwise, they must dig around until reaching level Y level -52 in search of them.

Finding the Deep Dark Biome

The Deep Dark Biome is a unique cave within Minecraft that generates and can contain Ancient Cities. These cities house rare end-game items like Echo Shards, Disc Fragments for Music Disc 5, and Swift Sneak Enchantment; finding one may take some time; however, it will pay dividends as they provide rare loot to boost your character’s abilities and abilities.

Players looking for Ancient Cities must first locate a Deep Dark Biome. These biomes spawn randomly below height level 0 of the Overworld and can be identified by massive Sculk-lined caverns made primarily of deep slate. Furthermore, many soul lanterns often serve as torches so you can safely navigate these Sculk-lined caves.

Once you have located a Deep Dark Biome, the Ancient City Finder allows instant teleportation in either Survival or Creative modes. Simply open up the chat window and type:

Use the /locate structure minecraft:ancient_city command to manually teleport to an Ancient City in Survival mode. Your coordinates will appear in the chat, and then you can proceed directly to its location.

Remember that Ancient Cities in the Deep Dark Biome can be highly hazardous environments, as they’re home to The Warden, an aggressive mob that frequently appears here. Therefore, always prepare for battle when entering this zone by equipping yourself with high-level gear and always remaining vigilant.

Once you locate an Ancient City, you will quickly recognize it as an immense palace-like structure with an expansive footprint and massive Deepslate pillars surrounding its walls and resembling huge posts from Deepslate pillars lining its perimeters. Inside will feature statues that decorate its walls, while its center will feature an oval frame similar to that found around a Warden’s head.

Getting to the Ancient City

The Ancient City in Minecraft is one of its most valuable structures, as it holds vast quantities of high-value Loot. Unfortunately, its location and navigation can be challenging and require careful exploration. Furthermore, it’s vulnerable to attacks by Warden mobs within Deep Dark Biomes.

Players seeking to reach the Ancient City must enter the Deep Dark Biome by searching for a structure resembling a portal. It is usually found spawning at depth -52 below ground, without Glowing Lichen growing on its walls. Once inside this zone, players should navigate until they spot the Ancient City.

Once they locate an Ancient City, players should enter and collect all available loot, including rare items like Elytra and Gold, along with resources. Furthermore, an Ancient City contains a secret Redstone lab, which can be found by following an archway made of reinforced deep slate blocks leading from one monument depicting the head of the Warden to two walls nearby.

To avoid angering the Warden, players should keep sneaking and crouching while exploring Ancient Cities. Triggering pressure plates could accidentally unleash hostile mobs or trigger traps that harm players; players should bring multiple torches as Ancient Cities can become very dark quickly, and it may be easy to become lost.

Although Minecraft players should take note, Ancient Cities remain challenging to locate and navigate due to not all Deep Dark Biomes containing one, so exploring several may be required to find one. Furthermore, players should watch for Warden as he may appear unexpectedly and must always remain alert for him.

Getting into the City

Exploring an Ancient City can be one of the toughest challenges in Minecraft, requiring high levels of gear to avoid setting off traps or alarming Sculk Shriekers – reactive to vibrations and noise that react with Sculk Sensors – which respond to vibrations and noise, but when activated too frequently can summon Warden mobs which easily slaughter players even with full Netherite armor. To survive and minimize sound output, players must move slowly while crouched and use wool blocks to to soften their footsteps so as not to activate Sculk Sensors too quickly and often!

An Ancient City offers players access to treasure chests with exclusive end-game items like the Swift Sneak enchantment. Players may also discover valuable resources such as coal ores and Prismarine Shards needed to build the Nether Reactor reactor.

Owing to their hidden locations deep underground, finding Ancient Cities can be extremely challenging. Without signs or maps like ocean monuments, Woodland Mansions, and Strongholds dotting the landscape, players must explore randomly until they come upon it.

Chunk Base provides an efficient method for finding Ancient Cities, as it enables users to enter their seed number and the version of Minecraft they’re playing in, providing a map showing all structures generated within that world, such as villages or mineshafts – it even assists players with discovering Ancient Cities!

Untangling Ancient Cities can be challenging, as their structures are protected by Sculk Shriekers and Sculk Sensors that respond to noise, so players are advised to move around slowly while using Potions of Night Vision and moving crouching while opening chests to avoid activating these sensors and provide themselves with a safe exit route should anything go wrong.

Exploring an Ancient City can be dangerous, but most risks can be avoided with an Ancient City finder and this guide. While finding its structure may prove challenging, its rewards make the effort worthwhile.