Best Supermarkets in Philadelphia


Acme Markets offer an affordable selection of groceries, deli dishes, and bakery items at great prices. Plus they have a pharmacy and gas station on site!

Hung Vuong is a representative of the Chinese-Vietnamese community that has settled in Northeast Philadelphia, offering an expansive seafood counter, 25-pound bags of rice and frozen dumplings.

Aslam Market

For nearly two decades, Aslam Market has been a cornerstone of South Philadelphia’s Southeast Asian and Central American immigrant communities. Initially selling Indian and American groceries, the store has since evolved to offer an expansive range of items – like mixes for momo or Nepalese dumplings, Indian sweets, Burmese sweet curry and Indonesian instant noodles – not forgetting where gyro cart vendors get their special spice blends.

The market’s success is a testament to the power of community and how small investments in funding can help stabilize and heal an area. When Commerce Department gave Aslam Market money for facade improvements, they did more than make their storefront look great–they also strengthened trust within its surrounding neighborhood and fostered trust among customers. These traits are essential traits for creating healthy, vibrant neighborhoods; they’re also key in getting city officials to recognize and support locally owned businesses.

Green Farm Fresh

Green Farm Fresh is an exciting farm stand that provides organically and fairly traded products all year round. Their products are certified organic and fair trade certified for your convenience.

Laura Stauffer Sisay runs this popular market in Elgin, Illinois with the mission of providing customers with healthy and thoughtfully sourced foods. You’ll find all your seasonal fruits and vegetables here as well as delicious cheeses, deli meats, baked goods and dried goods – everything you need for a balanced lifestyle!

At Central Market Juice Company, shoppers can find organic juices and smoothies to enjoy. Philadelphia bakeries also provide a selection of bagels and breads for purchase.

North Philadelphia residents can take advantage of a special program offered by The Common Market, run by The Common Market, which provides discounted boxes of fresh produce or fruit each week. Vendors simply place an order with them and The Common Market takes care of the rest – you don’t even have to leave your house!

Hung Vuong

Hung Vuong, commonly referred to as Heng Fa at its Chinatown location, caters to customers of all backgrounds with its 30,000 items that include milk tea and American brands alongside Asian goods, according to a company representative who also highlighted the produce section as one of its draws.

Hung Vuong is set to occupy a township shopping center that lost ShopRite years ago, hoping to draw in several Asian restaurants.

Hung Vuong Market features an expansive food court, as well as several small shops selling Korean skincare and beauty items and home goods. It’s connected to the Korman complex which houses several Asian markets, including HMart – renowned for its wide selection of Asian foods and produce.

Hung Vuong is an approved SNAP retailer. If you plan to utilize your benefits, be sure to verify with your local store whether they accept EBT cards before making a purchase. Using the SNAP retail locator can help identify nearby stores that take SNAP payments.