Exclusive Crusader Kings 3 Tutorial!


If you enjoy mentally challenging and immersive gaming experiences, we are sure you will enjoy Crusader Kings 3 Tutorial and we have the perfect Crusader Kings 3 tutorial to make your gaming experience amazing. This game is the third issue of the Crusader Kings franchise and it comes with all the quirks Crusader Kings games are known for and even more improvements. Like the ones before it, the game is open-ended, so there are no limits or confines when playing the game.

Why you need a Crusader Kings 3 tutorial

As you probably know, Crusader Kings is a strategy game with a middle ages setting in which characters are used to lead their respective lands and houses through various means. Just like any strategy game, it can be confusing at first and frustrating for beginners; however, that is the purpose of this crusader Kings 3 tutorial to help beginners get the hang of the game.

There are certain things that you must know before you start playing the game otherwise you will run around in circles and eventually quit, depriving yourself of so much fun. This Crusader Kings 3 tutorial is here to make sure that you understand the game and make you enjoy it from the onset.

Pay close attention to the Crusader Kings 3 Tutorial

It is common knowledge that even when starting a game some of us tend to skip the tutorial and rush into the action. On Crusader Kings 3, we advise against it because if you ignore the important tips and tutorial session of the game you are bound to be stuck. The Crusader Kings 3 tutorial session is slower than the game but the tips and information that comes through it will help you get acclimated to the game.

Pay attention to interim advice

Throughout the game, certain messages will pop up on the top of your screen giving you alerts and messages about what will be happening in your kingdom. These messages are not there to bore you but to make you control your kingdom effectively and hence ensuring that you have a better legacy in the game. If you pay attention to the advice, which shows itself in the form of diamond icons, you will excel in the game. You should also pay attention to the issues, which are less pressing but help you regardless to maintain your rule and build your legacy.

Follow Advice of other Characters

The game is replete with supporting characters that help you make decisions on running your kingdom. Advice from these characters can help you solve complex problems and make better decisions in the game. The supporting characters will help you militarily, in financial areas as well as on diplomatic issues.


The best way to learn and enjoy the game is to play, there is no good way to play this game because of its continuity and limitlessness, There is no good way or bad way to play the game, and you can go despite the bad moments, even death is not the end here.


Is Crusader Kings Hard?

Crusader Kings is not difficult if you learn through the tutorials and play it realizing its an open-ended game with no particular rules but where you make your reality.

Is Crusader Kings good?

The answer is an unequivocal yes. Crusader Kings is a good game. It is more engaging and captivating with better graphics and an immersive gaming experience that strongly resembles living in middle age royalty. The reviews also highlight that people love this game and it would be worth it.

Is Crusader Kings Better than 2?

This game has all the good things about the previous issue, with all the planning, strategy and unending outcomes that the game comes with.