Covermore Travel Insurance Reviews – Exclusions, Limits and Excess Fees


When looking for travel insurance for your family, it is essential to read the fine print to ensure you’re getting the right policy for your needs. This article will discuss Exclusions, limits and excess fees, and the ‘Medical Only International’ plan. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find the coverage you need without paying more than you need to.


Regarding travel insurance, it’s essential to understand the policy’s limits and exclusions. Cover more policies typically come with a $250 excess per claim, but you can often get this reduced to $100 or even zero. The policy documents list the limits and exclusions, so you can decide whether they’re enough for your needs.

For example, you’ll find exclusions if you’re participating in activities that aren’t covered. For example, you’re not covered if you plan to take up snow sports or drive on holiday. You’ll also find exclusions if you plan to ride a motorcycle or moped.


If you’re planning to go on a trip and want adequate coverage for the expenses, you can consider getting Cover-More Travel Insurance. It is a travel insurance policy that offers higher limits for various activities. You can get it in a single or multiple-trip plan. You should read the company’s product disclosure statement to understand the limits and options.

When you purchase travel insurance from Cover-More, you’ll pay a commission to the insurer. This commission is a part of the insurer’s profit, but you won’t see it if you claim. Nevertheless, you’ll get a bonus if the insurer exceeds its target profit margin.

Excess fees

When buying cover for your trip, you’ll need to be aware of the excess fees that may be applied. Covermore’s excess amount is $250 per claim. However, you can opt for a lower amount or none. Looking at your policy documents, you can find out what the excess fees are.

Cover more is required by law to have a professional indemnity insurance policy as an insurer. Its policy satisfies the requirements of the Corporations Act. If you have a pre-existing medical condition, this policy may not cover your treatment costs abroad. It also does not cover surgery claims requiring a hospital stay, including day surgeries.

‘Medical Only International’ plan

For international travel, the Cover more Medical Only International travel insurance plan offers medical coverage for out-of-pocket medical expenses in hospitals overseas. This is an excellent choice for those who wish to travel to a foreign country without worrying about the high cost of medical treatment. The plans are flexible and cover a range of everyday expenses. The medical coverage is not limitless, however, so it’s essential to read the policy document carefully before you book it. It’s also worth comparing this travel insurance plan with other insurers.

A key feature of Covermore’s travel insurance is its cooling-off period. This period allows customers to cancel the policy without penalty and receive a full refund. In addition, this insurance plan allows you to choose your excess, which is the amount of money you’ll need to pay if you make a claim. A high excess reduces the premium, but there are some limitations.

Options Plan

The Cover-More Options Plan travel insurance plan comes with a range of features. For instance, it covers unlimited medical and dental expenses and more. It also provides higher individual item and luggage limits. Moreover, you can extend the cover for as long as 60 days. The company’s medical assistance service is available 24/7.

The six primary plans offered by Cover more provide varying levels of coverage. You can choose between annual and single-trip plans. The premium plan has comprehensive benefits, including unlimited overseas medical and hospital expenses. You can also opt for additional expenses and medical only cover. However, the policies may only provide limited coverage if you are pregnant or suffer from severe health conditions. For this reason, it is crucial to read the policy documents thoroughly before purchasing the plan. You should also compare other travel insurance providers.

Options Plan Multi Trip

Cover more offers a premium-priced option called the Premium International plan for international travelers. This plan is designed for those who are not Australian residents but planning to travel to Australia. Cover more Insurance Services Pty Ltd administers it. The premium is about $50 per trip.

The premium-priced option offers higher limits, unlimited medical and dental expenses, and more than one year of coverage. It also offers more significant individual item amounts and disability benefits. However, the price difference between the basic Essential Plan and the multi-trip plan may make it less suitable for those traveling for more extended periods.