Drive Through Mexican Food Near Me NYC


New Yorkers love Mexican food, and its city is filled with various restaurants serving it: casual eateries for families and more upscale options with an upscale ambiance.

Some taquerias offer more elaborate dishes than you’d find at fast-food joints, like La Lupe in Sunnyside, which serves pierna adobada — chunks of pork rubbed with an aromatic paste composed of pumpkin seeds, tomatillos, and chilies – for example.

Taqueria Ramirez

Take the hassle out of gift-giving with Taqueria Ramirez gift cards from Brooklyn restaurant Taqueria Ramirez. Their delicious cuisine will satisfy anyone’s cravings while their signature spice blend adds the distinct taste that defines their dishes, making this an excellent present for foodies or anyone interested in cooking.

Taqueria Ramirez in Greenpoint offers authentic Mexican cuisine. Their tacos are filled with delectable meats and fresh ingredients – their menu boasts classics like al pastor (shredded pork from a tromp) as well as suadero and longaniza fillings, as well as slices of nopales for you to choose from!

Taqueria Ramirez stands out from New York City restaurants by creating their tortillas directly, using an authentic comal and churrasco, as found at any taqueria in Mexico. This ensures a more authentic flavor than at most other establishments.


Tacombi began life in a Volkswagen van and has since evolved into an international chain offering authentic Mexican tacos. Each location exudes beachy vibes, featuring bright colors to accompany its tasty cuisine. Customers can order popular items like al pastor and grilled chicken tacos alongside refreshing margaritas or iced coffee; additionally, they offer an impressive variety of beverages, including horchata, juice, and agua fresca for refreshment.

Tacombi boasts 11 locations throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan, serving Mexican fare that recalls street-side taquerias in Mexico City. Their menu boasts classics like al pastor tacos topped with thinly sliced heritage pork and pineapple, beer-battered Baja crispy fish tacos served with Yucatan-spiked recado rojo sauce, as well as other dishes such as tequila-pia coladas and chile verde.


Chef Enrique Olvera first gained attention for his groundbreaking Mexican restaurant Pujol, which he considers “the best restaurant in the world.” In New York City, Cosme takes inspiration from Oaxaca, featuring dim lighting with vaulted ceilings and unobtrusive partitions between dining spaces.

The menu here isn’t formal yet it still features high-end Mexican cuisine. Standout dishes include uni tostadas and esquites with crab; don’t miss the duck carnitas either – this massive plate of tender roasted duck should be enjoyed among friends!

This Michelin-star restaurant provides dishes inspired by Mexico’s various regions while providing an inviting yet refined dining experience. Their cuisine is exquisite, refined, casual, and relaxed; guests should sample some of their cocktail creations using agave liquor as part of the bar experience. An impressive mezcal list is also available, making this venue ideal for birthday or anniversary celebrations!


Atla, owned and run by one of the world’s acclaimed chefs, is located on the bottom floor of a brownstone in Greenwich Village and features Cadillac-sized windows to provide plenty of sunlight throughout the day. Patrons range from couples wearing oversized plaid blazers to consultants wearing sweatpants while holding coffee mugs as customers fill this luxurious dining spot.

Atla has something for every taste imaginable – from avocado toast and egg-white omelets to classic dishes with modern updates such as split pea tlacoyos on torpedo-shaped masa cakes that give it the appearance of being from 2nd Avenue Deli!

The food at this establishment is simply incredible, and their staff is welcoming and helpful. Their dessert selection includes amazing churros with cinnamon sugar and chocolate sauce – an irresistibly light treat perfect for anyone who doesn’t enjoy overly sweet treats!

Taco Mix

Taco Mix in East Harlem offers some of the finest Mexican cuisine in NYC. Showing 19 distinct fillings, including familiar choices such as carnitas and al pastor and less familiar ones such as tongue and pork stomach, its menu boasts extensive offerings packaged into burritos for convenient dining.

Order Taco Mix dishes online and have them delivered directly to you! Look out for the option at checkout; additionally, the restaurant provides an app to schedule delivery time slots.

NYC boasts an active Latino population, and restaurants serve authentic Mexican fare such as salsa verde, tamales, and tacos – with Taco Mix offering some particularly delectable chorizo and egg tacos that are highly recommended! They also have gluten-free and vegan options, while their Hell’s Kitchen location provides curb and street seating!

Nina’s Great Burrito Bar

Nina’s Great Burrito Bar has been providing authentic Mexican cuisine for nearly three decades – their delectable and budget-friendly food garnered many loyal customers. Their extensive menu ranges from tacos and quesadillas to soup, nachos, and even guacamole; additionally, they have gluten-free options available!

This trendy Mexican spot immerses diners in the culture of Mexico through both decor and food, including mole and ceviches plated meals that should not be missed, along with innovative drinks like frozen pomegranate margaritas to start your meal off right – not forgetting tableside guacamole which serves as an irresistibly tasty appetizer at any dinner!