Eat-and-run verification company_ Eat-and-run assassination


The eat-and-run verification company detects fraudulent companies that disappear without paying members’ deposits and profits, sorts out these companies, treats members correctly and fairly, and verifies only those companies that do not engage in fraudulent behavior. It refers to the companies that are introduced. Check out the Best info about 먹튀검증순위.

We recommend only those companies that have been stably operated for at least one year, and have no history of eating and drinking, with a deposit of 50 million won. For this reason, if you use the companies recommended by Eat-and-Down Assassination, you can use the Toto site freely without worrying about eating-and-run, and if damage occurs, the full amount of the winnings will be compensated immediately. The Eat-and-Die Assassination, which took the first place in the industry related to the verification of food and drink, is the result of constant efforts to continuously select verification sites and develop self-selection technologies, and we contribute to creating a culture where all Toto site users create a safe playground without worrying about being eaten. I’ll do it. In addition, we operate a customer center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to verify the fraudulent business, and after verifying the authenticity of received reports, we share them with all users in real time.

1 . First, we will check all the parts that have not been verified by other companies​

In general, there are many people who use the domain address in Google to check if there is a history of fraud when performing the fraud verification process. However, this is actually a bad validation method. This is because scam sites also use various and intelligent methods to keep up with the flow of the times. Therefore, it is difficult to accurately identify the site name if the scammer changes the company name or representative image slightly. Other eat-and-run verification companies can judge a new site even with this simple change through macros, but our food-and-morning assassination evaluates whether the site is safe or not, and systematically utilizes the accumulated data to determine the company’s past status. We will provide you with accurate information.​

2 . Second, all eat-and-run verification is performed by experts.​

In fact, it can be said that most of almost all sites that check eat-and-run verification are fraudulent sites. This is because more than 98% of private Toto sites operating in Korea have been investigated by a domestic institution called a scam site. However, through the self-verification process, we provide authenticity based only on absolute and objective facts. And we transparently report safe sites as safe and unsafe sites as unsafe. For this reason, we have conducted about 1,400 eat-and-run checks through bulletin boards and messenger customer centers so far, and users of our site are very satisfied.

3 . Third, from the user’s point of view!

The scam site verification process has many complicated parts that are difficult for general users to understand. For example, we want to deliver information in an easy-to-understand manner to users based on the manual of the Assassin’s Manual, which covers all aspects of the website’s professional security technology, database management system suitable for the era of strengthening personal information protection law, verification of the company’s capital, and whether or not there is an incident or not. do.

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