Fathom Realty Review


Fathom Realty is a real estate brokerage firm that focuses on cloud-based technology, a distinct difference from traditional real estate brokerage firms. Founded by Joshua Harley in 2009, Fathom provides its agents with the most advanced technology and training. In addition, Fathom offers one of the most competitive commission splits in the real estate industry.

Agent’s right to prevent unauthorized disclosures

If you are considering writing a Fathom Realty review, review the contract carefully to protect yourself from potential legal troubles. This contract states that an agent is not allowed to disclose confidential information to third parties and that unauthorized disclosures will result in the termination of their contract. In addition, fathom Realty is part of a professional trade association and must follow federal and state laws. Its agents are also forbidden from acting in a manner that defames the company or ruins its reputation.

Fathom has an excellent reputation for providing a supportive environment for its agents. This company offers personalized training, marketing materials, and technology. Agents also enjoy a high level of autonomy and an excellent work-life balance. Many agents also appreciate the team environment and support from their managing brokers. Other benefits include a special scholarship fund for children of agents. This scholarship money may be used for college or trade school.

Cost of selling a home with Fathom Realty

Selling a home with Fathom isn’t cheap, but the fees aren’t exorbitant either. Using a full-service real estate company requires a small transaction fee of $450 and an annual flat fee of $500. The transaction fees are paid by the agent, not by the buyer.

Fathom offers both traditional and online home-selling services. The company’s online presence, powered by Zavvie, enables agents to reach out to qualified buyers and provide “buy before you sell” solutions for their clients. Fathom’s “buy before you sell” solution allows homeowners to purchase their next home before selling their current one.

When choosing a Fathom agent, look for a broker with a real estate license. The agent is required to meet a certain minimum standard of conduct. In addition, the agent is expected to abide by local, state, and federal laws. Fathom Realty agents are also prohibited from acting in a way that harms the company. For example, they are prohibited from leaking confidential information and making any statements that could damage their reputation in the eyes of the public.

Agent’s right to protect confidential information

An Agent’s right to protect confidential information is essential. When an agent is engaged in an employment relationship with a client, the agent must exercise reasonable care to protect confidential information. This duty includes not using that information after leaving the agency. It also includes not divulging information to third parties without consent.

Confidential information is information that has value and is not generally disclosed to the public. It is protected under state and federal laws. It must be handled with heightened scrutiny when shared, and employees in various company parts should be trained to handle this information correctly. It may be in the form of written documents, electronic data, or even ideas. It helps protect competitive ideas and prevent competitors from learning about a product or service in development or with a particular functional or technical characteristic.