Ford Transit Vans


The Ford Transit is one of the most popular large vans on the market. It offers substantial value, a good driving experience, and safety equipment.

It’s also straightforward to service, thanks to the extensive dealer network. It is covered by a three-year, 100,000-mile warranty, and there are mobile service vehicles available to keep your van running smoothly.

Roof Height

The roof height of a ford transit van is a vital aspect to consider before purchasing one. It determines the amount of room you have in the back of the vehicle, and it can also impact how much cargo you can haul.

Low roof models stand about 84 inches tall; medium versions are 101 inches high, and tall models are 109 to 110 inches tall. If you are a tall person, then a high roof might be your best option for a van.

A Ford Transit long wheelbase (LWB) van offers low or high-roof options. It has an extended wheelbase of 3,750mm and measures 3,494mm on the cargo floor.

The load volume of the LWB van is 11.5 cubic meters on the low roof and 13.0 cubic meters on the high. However, this number is reduced on the RWD and AWD variants.


Ford Transit vans are available with a wide variety of wheelbase lengths. They range from 5.5m to 6.7m in length.

They also come in a variety of roof heights. These include low, medium, and high.

The MWB or medium wheelbase vans have a standard load volume of 10.0 cubic metres on the low roof and 11.2 cubic meters on the high.

ELWB or extra long wheelbase is available with the high roof option and uses the same 3,750mm wheelbase but extends the rear overhang by a further 100mm.

There is a standard load volume of 15.1 cubic metres on the ELWB, and it is available with RWD or AWD. There are two roof heights on the ELWB, H2, and H3.


Ford Transit vans are versatile and great for transporting goods, furniture, or equipment. They’re available in short and long wheelbases, so you can customize your interior space to fit the tasks.

The short-wheelbase Transit measures 174.2 inches long, 104.8 inches wide, and 72 inches tall, while the long-wheelbase model expands these measurements to 190 inches and 120.6 inches. The ELWB (extra long wheelbase) version uses the same 3,750mm wheelbase as the LWB, but the rear overhang has been extended to provide 4,217mm of load length.

The load volume is 15.1 cubic metres, although this only comes with the high roof option. There’s also a standard load height that can be raised or lowered, and the rear door openings can be split to create a double door or roof-hinged tailgate, depending on your needs. Power-steering makes loading and unloading easy, and stereos help keep your passengers entertained on the way.


The Ford Transit van is a well-known big van that packs a punch. Its loadspace is very long, with the shortest models offering more than 3m of lengthways cargo space.

It also has plenty of room for a large Euro pallet or two of standard UK ones. The width between the wheels is 1392mm, which will give you a lot of flexibility in how much you can load inside.

The Ford Transit has low and high roof options, and its wheelbase ranges from 3,300mm to 3,750mm. The low roof offers a 10.0 cubic meter loadspace, while the high version has 12.0 and 13.0 cubic meters on RWD and AWD models.