Hastings Stock Tank Pools


Stock tanks have quickly become popular this summer across social media and backyards alike, providing sturdy yet less costly options than most outdoor pools.

The 550-gallon traditional stock tank is ideal for family use and comes with a one-year warranty, as well as free local delivery if purchased as part of a pool bundle package.

1. Durability

Hastings poly tanks offer long-term stock tank pool solutions. Not only are these powerful tanks made of lightweight yet resilient material, but they are resistant to feedlot acids as well as UV damage, making them great for use outdoors without worry of fading or UV-damaged effects; their single-piece mold means there are no corners or seams that could break and lead to leakage issues.

Although these tanks are durable enough to withstand various environments, they’re flexible enough that you can customize them to your exact requirements. You could add steps or ladders for easy entry into the water or build a deck around them for extra weather protection – remember when designing these structures that an 8′ stock tank weighs as much as an SUV when filled.

Hastings tanks are constructed of high-grade virgin polyethylene for durability and long-term use, unlike cheaper plastic options, which may chip or crack easily. Furthermore, their two-foot-deep design provides resistance against rot and corrosion, and it comes with a screw-in drain plug for convenient draining. Finally, manufacturers offer warranties covering material and workmanship for up to three years for added peace of mind.

These tanks are intended to house livestock and can usually be found at most farm supply stores in rural areas. You may have difficulty finding one in larger cities, but their durability will pay dividends over the years ahead. If you’re having difficulty, try checking online listings of local farmers or the classified ads of local newspapers; these may often list similar tanks and may offer them for shipping if the cost of shipping can be covered.

2. Easy to clean

Stock tank pools offer an easy and economical way to add rustic charm to any backyard or farm setting, being easily drainable and cleaned compared to inflatable kiddie pools. In addition, their compact size makes them more manageable when storage time comes around – perfect for rolling up for storage when swimming season is done! Furthermore, stock tanks come in various sizes, making them suitable for any situation in either backyards or farms alike, with multiple styles that complement various decor schemes.

When it comes to cleaning a stock tank pool, there are a few key points you should keep in mind. First and foremost is keeping the water clean and balanced, using either chlorine or liquid sanitizer as methods for sanitation, though chlorine may be more cost-effective and safer for the environment than liquid solutions.

Another critical consideration in water care is pH balance. A pH value that is too high may promote algae growth, alter its color, and create unpleasant odors; to combat this situation, test kits can help adjust chemical levels in your water accordingly.

Not only should one ensure they sanitize the water for horses, but it is also vital to make sure there are no contaminants present. Dirt, manure, and feed droppings can contaminate it, leading to various issues; for instance, it could reduce appetite or drink less water due to contamination; additionally, temperature can influence a horse’s preference when drinking the liquid.

When installing a bottomless stock tank, watertight barriers must be constructed between it and the ground as part of its installation process. Most ranchers pour concrete slabs; however, bentonite clay may also be used to seal its bottom or create an aquarium-style environment.

These tanks also boast several other advantages: they’re made out of one piece without thin corners or seams that could break or leak, are designed specifically for outdoor use, won’t rust, react with feedlot acid like metal tanks do, and come backed by a three-year warranty.

3. Easy to install

Stock tanks are an easy and cost-effective way to transform an uninspiring backyard into an inviting swimming pool, offering quick installation times with multiple uses and durable structures that come with three-year warranties. But in order to properly install one in your yard, there are specific considerations you need to keep in mind.

Start by searching for local stock tank pool companies. These experts will assist in setting up and installing the pool at an agreed-upon fee, saving both time and money in the process. They can also ensure your collection meets all regulations.

Hastings Black Label Galvanized Steel Tanks can also provide an option. Made in the US and featuring rustproof galvanized steel coating, these tanks are designed to withstand even crowded livestock environments with their closed-lip design that won’t buckle under pressure; 4-ply lock seams; crush-proof rim; long-lasting zinc plating provides durability that lasts years – these durable tanks will serve you for many years of storage needs!

Hastings poly tanks can also be found at the most significant hardware and farm supply stores for purchase, with each option typically coming with its own 3-year material and workmanship warranty. While cheaper than galvanized steel versions, they still work effectively and feature FDA food-grade virgin polyethylene material with excellent resistance against feedlot acids and UV damage. They also come equipped with 3-year material warranties and 3-year workmanship warranties.

Once you’ve located a company offering stock tanks, the next step should be selecting your ideal size and style. As there are various sizes to choose from, make sure it suits both your space and budget – if in doubt, ask the seller!

Once your stock tank has been ordered, it can take several weeks before its arrival. It will ship from Hastings’ Nebraska facility, and their delivery driver will contact you to schedule a time and date. Before it arrives, be sure to prepare your backyard by leveling areas around it and installing standard outdoor outlets nearby.

4. Easy to transport

Our rugged poly stock tanks boast an innovative closed-lip design to avoid buckle in crowded conditions. They are made of high-density virgin polyethylene that won’t rust or react with feedlot acids as metal tanks do. Each two-foot deep tank comes equipped with an easy drain plug for convenient emptying and cleaning – available in 4′ and 6′ lengths that nest within each other for reduced shipping costs or available as bottomless models as more permanent alternatives to steel stock tanks.

Bottomless tank options typically arrive as panels on a pallet and will require you to form a watertight barrier with the ground when installing them. Ranchers often pour concrete slabs for this purpose, though bentonite clay may be easier and more cost-effective; round pool liners may also make good sealing options that come in many matching sizes.

How to Transport Your Tank

The easiest and safest way of getting a stock tank home is placing it in your truck bed and using ratchet straps to secure it firmly against movement. This method works best if your mattress is extended or if your trailer can accommodate it; otherwise, it should work just fine!

However, you can transport your tank yourself if that is more convenient for you. Just ensure it is securely fastened with ratchet straps so it won’t move during transit.

If you prefer having someone else transport and load your Hastings stock tank for you, select liftgate service at checkout. Once Hastings receives enough orders to fill their delivery truck, they will contact you and schedule your tank delivery. Remember to bring it directly to the curb or driveway, not into your backyard!

If you are in search of a stock tank, be sure to visit local farm and ag stores, which often stock Hastings tanks. They may also be found online retailers; ensure your purchase comes from a reputable vendor with warranties on their products.