Hippo Home Insurance Reviews – Is Hippo Home Insurance Right For You?


If you’re interested in learning about the pros and cons of Hippo Home Insurance, you’ve come to the right place. This review will explore the company’s rating, customer service, discounts, and more. It is essential to get the information you need before making your purchase. You can use these reviews to make an informed decision. Just be sure to check out all of the sources mentioned. You may be surprised to find out that Hippo is an excellent choice.

Review of Hippo Home Insurance

A quick review of Hippo Home Insurance will reveal that it has a positive customer service reputation, but it doesn’t have a stellar reputation in the market. The Better Business Bureau has accredited the company with an A rating, but there are few customer reviews online. While most customers praise the easy online signup process and competitive rates, there are also complaints about slow claims processing. It’s a good idea to take the time to read these customer reviews.

A review of Hippo Home Insurance should provide the customer with a clear understanding of the company’s processes and claims processing. The company’s website offers quick quotes, and it has a dedicated claim support center. However, if you’re a person who likes to talk to someone in person, you may want to look elsewhere. Fortunately, Hippo Home Insurance has several other strong points and is a great choice for those who want comprehensive coverage without a high premium.

The claims process is fairly standard for Hippo. It’s important to contact the company as soon as possible if you experience a covered event. Once you do, Hippo will schedule a visit from an adjuster to inspect the damage and determine if a claim is approved. Once the adjuster decides, the customer will receive notification within five days. Hippo also allows you to cancel your policy anytime without a cancellation fee.

Another important consideration is the cost of rebuilding. With the rising cost of materials and labor, the cost of rebuilding can be significantly higher than expected. Hippo Home Insurance provides extra coverage for this. The Essentials tier provides an additional 25%, while the Best Value tier covers 50%. The Expanded Protection option adds up to another $50 worth of coverage. The Extended Replacement Costs coverage is generally an optional endorsement, but Hippo insurance includes this option automatically.


Hippo Home Insurance has a Financial Strength Rating of A-, indicating that they are an excellent choice for insuring your home. The insurance policy pays for repairs or rebuilding your home’s structure, and the company is very responsive to customers. The company has a 24-hour customer service team responding to claims immediately. It also has enhanced coverage options for electronics and smart appliances. The quote process is quick and easy and can be completed within 60 seconds.

The insurer has a high financial strength rating from AM Best, which reflects a stable fiscal standing and a high ability to pay claims. Customers should know that Hippo has many optional policies that can increase their premiums. For this reason, consumers must research and compare Hippo Home Insurance before purchasing a policy. Whether this policy is right for you depends on your own needs. Consider the following factors before purchasing a policy:

Enhanced Building Coverage – If your property suffers an earthquake or a fire, Hippo insurance covers the cost of repairing or rebuilding your house. It also covers labor and materials for building repairs. In addition to a standard policy, you can also purchase Hippo’s Expanded Protection and Best Value plans, which include replacement cost personal belongings coverage. These plans replace your possessions at their current market value if damaged or destroyed.

Hippo Home Insurance is one of the best homeowner insurance providers available. The insurer scores are high for user satisfaction and affordability. It also offers unique coverages and discounts, making its claims-filing process easy. Customers also like that Hippo offers a home monitoring system. However, Hippo insurance has some cons, including its low financial stability rating and limited customer support. If you’re looking for an affordable policy, choose Hippo.

Customer service

The Hippo home insurance company offers various services, including a free smart home monitoring system and extra coverage on major appliances. You’ll also receive an assigned claims concierge, transportation, and hotel accommodations if your home is damaged or destroyed. This home insurance company also offers insurance in Tennessee. Although it doesn’t provide insurance in every state, it is available in most states and is expanding rapidly. You may also be eligible for a multi-policy discount if you have a mortgage.

In addition to its home insurance products, Hippo offers various other services that make it stand out. They offer 24/7 emergency assistance, which means you can contact your insurance agent any time, day or night. Additionally, a dedicated concierge will be assigned to each claimant, allowing them to quickly get the information they need. For example, you can also get insurance for household helpers. Despite its small size, Hippo is standout customer service.

Customer service at Hippo is very responsive, especially during a claim. They are happy to assist you with filing a claim as quickly as possible. Their insurance adjusters will visit your home, assess the damage, and inform you if your claim is approved. Once your claim has been processed, you’ll get the money you need within five days. You don’t have to pay a cancellation fee if you decide to cancel your coverage.

Hippo is a relatively new home insurance company specializing in homeowners insurance policies. Although the company offers other insurance products, it doesn’t offer any auto insurance policies. MoneyGeek analyzed Hippo’s website and manually collected quotes to find out what the company offers. If you’re looking for affordable homeowners insurance, Hippo may be right for you. Customers will save up to 25% on their insurance by taking advantage of special discounts on their premiums. You’ll also receive a complimentary smart home monitoring system as part of your policy.


If you’re in the market for a new home, you may want to check out the discounts available from Hippo home insurance. The company offers discounts to first-time home buyers, homeowners who aren’t paying a mortgage, and those who are enrolled in a homeowner’s association. Some homeowners even qualify for discounts on fire extinguishers. A specialist from Hippo can help you find and apply for discounts.

Some Hippo home insurance discounts are available to people with good credit, low property values, and a homeownership history. The company is known for its low rates, helpfulness during claims, and fast response time. The coverage has a few limitations, but many people are impressed with the policy’s low rates. The company also offers bundled coverage packages and discounts. A typical Hippo home insurance policy is $766, but you can get a discount by qualifying for more than one type of coverage. Hippo also offers coverage for your home’s roof based on the age and material of the roof.

Other discounts from Hippo include a no-claims discount, early-sign-up discount, and smart home discount. For example, if you have a home security system, Hippo will offer you a complimentary smart home device. A no-claims discount is also available to those with no mortgages. You can also get a discount by signing up for a free quote at Hippo. These discounts can help you save money on Hippo home insurance.

There are a few things to remember when shopping for Hippo home insurance. The company offers three tiers of coverage, including extra coverage in the base policy. Compared to many other companies, the premiums for Hippo will be very competitive. However, you need to choose what’s important to you. A company that offers an extensive list of discounts will probably be the best option for you. When comparing premiums, you should consider how much you need the insurance and which discounts are available.

Financial strength

Financial strength is an important factor in choosing a home insurance company. Hippo Insurance Company is based in Mountain View, California, and provides home insurance in 15 states. According to the AM Best rating system, the insurance carrier has an excellent financial strength rating. Financial strength is important because it helps customers determine whether a company can afford to make payments on insurance policies and contracts. The company is backed by three financially sound insurance companies: Spinnaker, TOPA, and Swiss Re. Financial strength ratings are the most reliable way to determine the financial soundness of an insurance company.

Hippo has strong financial strength. Its parent company and two insurers are A-rated, meaning they’re financially strong. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has rated Hippo as “A+,” and Swiss Re backs the insurer. Both companies have a high credit rating, meaning they can pay out claims. In addition, Hippo has received good reviews from customers. The company has more than 2,000 reviews, with an average rating of 4.9 stars.

The company offers three types of coverage: dwelling, other structures, and personal property. Each of these has sub-limits for each of these items. Other features include loss of use, personal liability, and medical payments. The base policy also includes extended replacement costs for your home. Higher-tier policies also include higher limits on certain coverage add-ons. For homeowners who live in cold climates, extended replacement costs are essential.

Hippo offers extensive coverage options. Hippo‘s homeowner’s insurance is available in 14 states. Its partners Spinnaker and Topa provide underwriting for Hippo. It has an A financial strength rating from AM Best and is backed by major reinsurers. Hippo’s insurance products are unavailable in Alaska, Hawaii, or Idaho. If you live in an area that is not listed, it’s best to find another company.