How Tall is Alex Murdaugh?


Alex Murdaugh’s trial as an accused felon in South Carolina has captured the interest of people throughout the U.S., from those living near his hometown in Hampton County to fans of true crime podcasts and Netflix documentaries. Many are curious as to his height and weight.

Defense expert Mike Sutton noted on Tuesday that, according to his analysis of Maggie Murdaugh’s murder scene, she could only have been shot by someone under 5 feet 2 inches, ruling out any chance for her 6’4″ husband being responsible.


Alex Murdaugh is a well-known lawyer but recently has become embroiled in multiple controversies. He is accused of killing his wife and son; many want to learn more about him. This article will look more closely at his height and other personal details.

Murdaugh was born in Hampton County, South Carolina, and stands 6’4″. Raised among a family of lawyers – his grandfather Randolph Murdaugh being solicitor of South Carolina’s 14th Judicial Circuit – after graduation, he attended the University of South Carolina to earn a business administration degree before enrolling at USC School of Law a short while later and graduating in 1994.

After graduating college, he began practicing law in South Carolina with Peters Parker Eltzroth & Detrick law firm, where he served as a partner. Additionally, he was active in his local bar association.

In 2022, he was arrested and charged with the murders of both his wife and son. A trial found him guilty, and he was ultimately given life imprisonment as punishment for their deaths.

Alex Murdaugh is making headlines around the country for his case. A well-recognized South Carolina attorney, he was involved in multiple scandals that rocked his state.

Following his conviction, he was removed from his family’s law firm; his brother now oversees its activities. His license to practice law in South Carolina has also been taken away.

On June 7, 2021, Alex Murdaugh’s wife, Maggie, was shot and killed on their expansive country property, Moselle, in Colleton County. She was 52 years old. Their son Paul was attending college. On Tuesday, Mike Sutton, a defense witness specializing in external ballistics, testified that the person responsible must have been between 5’2″ and 5’4′ tall to use an AR-15-style rifle on Maggie.


Murdaugh hails from a prominent South Carolina family, and his murder trial has attracted worldwide interest. Many have been curious to learn his height; his answer to that query is 6ft 4 inches.

Wade Hampton High School graduate Greg Murdaugh studied law at the University of South Carolina before joining his father’s law firm, Peters Murdaugh Parker Eltzroth & Detrick, where he has since worked for over two decades as a practicing lawyer alongside brother John and sister Lynn who also work there.

Murdaugh’s wife and youngest son were found murdered near their South Carolina home. Prosecution officials allege that Murdaugh murdered them to gain sympathy after financial irregularities surfaced that threatened his career.

Alex’s defense attorneys attempted to disqualify him as a suspect during his trial by asserting that he was too short for shooting victims, using Mike Sutton, a forensic engineer specializing in external ballistics, as evidence. Sutton testified that according to bullet holes left in dog kennels by shooters, he must have been between 5ft 2 in and 5ft 4 in height – an argument contradicted by Alex, who stood 6 ft 4 in.

Alex’s family has discussed his mental illness and medications that may have contributed to his transformation into a murderer, such as antipsychotic medication that could have played a part in these murders.

Murdaugh has been charged with 83 offenses, including multiple counts of insurance fraud. He allegedly stole millions from his clients. His trial will resume in October 2021. In June of 2021, two college students, identified as Paul and Maggie Murdaugh, were found dead after being shot by someone hired by Murdaugh. Buster would supposedly collect $10 Million in life insurance proceeds, but after being hired as a drug dealer to murder, Paul failed miserably and is facing life imprisonment by prosecutors.


Alex Murdaugh, the scion of the prominent Murdaugh family, has captured global attention for murdering his wife and son. This event piqued public curiosity around the globe; many are eager to know more about Alex’s case. In this article, we’ll look closer at his life and career.

He was born June 17th, 1968, in Hampton County, South Carolina, United States, and worked at his family law firm before entering private practice. Additionally, he published multiple books on personal finance, being accused of defrauding legal clients and perpetrating an insurance fraud scheme designed to cause self-suicide.

Alex’s attorneys attempted to disqualify him as the killer during his trial after Mike Sutton, an expert forensic engineer who specialized in external ballistics, testified that to fit through gunshot holes caused by bullets shot from 150 yards, the shooter would need to be 5’2- 5’4 in height.

On June 7, 2021, Murdaugh shot and killed his wife, Maggie, and younger son Paul, at their family estate in Colleton County, South Carolina. He pleaded not guilty, and state prosecutors indicated that they would seek life imprisonment without parole instead of the death penalty for him.

Richard Alexander “Buster” Murdaugh Jr., born in 1996, graduated with his law degree from the University of South Carolina in 2019. At the time of Paul’s death, he was studying college.

The Murdaugh family has long been a powerful presence in South Carolina politics and legal landscape, holding onto their position of solicitor for five counties for decades. Well-connected with community members, three generations have served their role. Renowned for both high social status and charitable donations.


Alex Murdaugh is a lawyer-turned-criminal recently found guilty of the murders of his wife, Maggie, and son, Paul, as part of a larger scheme involving bribery, extortion, and money laundering. This case gained great media coverage because it shows the tragic results of power, greed, and corruption – this disgraced attorney will likely spend the remainder of his life behind bars for two murderous acts committed under his watchful eyes.

Maggie was shot to death at her family hunting ranch known as Moselle in Islandton, Colleton County, on June 7th, 2021, at 52 years old. Alex denied any responsibility for the shootings during trial; however, the jury eventually convicted him for both acts.

His attorney has been fighting hard for him to be forgiven as the shooter in Maggie’s death, with one witness testifying that it likely happened much shorter. Mike Sutton, an expert forensic engineer specializing in external ballistics, testified that anyone shooting Maggie must have been between 5’2″ and 5’4″.

According to prosecutors, Murdaugh admitted to several crimes, including the killings of his wife and son, as well as embezzlement and fraud. Prosecutors allege that these murders were part of a larger plot by Murdaugh to cover up financial wrongdoing he committed, maintain his dominance of local legal circles, and remain at the top of their professions – an uproar that has shaken communities all across North America, tarnishing his reputation in turn.

Murdaugh is an attorney and a businessman with investments ranging from real estate investments to various projects over time. His net worth stands at approximately one million USD. A Wade Hampton High School graduate and the University of South Carolina with two siblings: Randy (older brother) and Lynn (younger sister). Volunteer firefighting service was another field where Murdaugh excelled, along with extensive networking of friends in his network. A Christian who adheres to scripture, Peters Murdaugh Parker Eltzroth & Detrick