How Tall is Alex Murdock?


Alex Murdock is a prominent South Carolina attorney from an esteemed legal family. He is accused of killing his wife and son on June 20, 2021.

In this case, his height has become a point of contention, standing higher than most people – an aspect that offers advantages and poses potential downsides.


Alex Murdoch is a YouTube celebrity famous for his food and travel videos. Along with his sister Kate, they upload challenges, reviews, and travel vlogs on their channel This With Them, with over 370,000 subscribers – best known for their hilarious commentary and light-hearted approach to topics covered. In addition, they create videos showing them experimenting in the kitchen!

Murdoch graduated from Hampton High School in Hampton, South Carolina, and the University of South Carolina before being admitted as a member of the South Carolina Bar. Before that, he worked at his family law firm with his father, grandfather, and great-grandfather, who were all lawyers.

Murdoch is known for being a highly accomplished lawyer and a culinary traveler. He regularly uploads videos to YouTube of himself cooking in different cities worldwide and travel vlogs of his journeys; due to this fame, he has been featured in multiple magazines and newspapers.

He and Kate are well known for their humorous videos featuring lighthearted approaches to topics they cover, with millions of views amassing over time. The duo currently reside in South Carolina with their beloved pup Charlie, sharing a house with Ben, who often features in their content creation process.

The couple inspires young people aspiring to realize their goals, thanks to their hard work and dedication towards their craft – which has allowed them to live the exceptional lifestyle they deserve while contributing their time and money towards charitable efforts.

As of June 1, 2023, Alex Murdoch’s estimated net worth is $5 Million. He rose to fame through the famous sibling’s YouTube channel that they created together and has amassed much of their fortune from being YouTubers themselves.


Alex Murdock is an esteemed South Carolina attorney from an illustrious family. He has become famous for his involvement in various controversies – from murder trials and insurance fraud allegations to the South Carolina Bar Association membership. Over 30 years have passed since Alex first started practicing law!

Alex is well-known on YouTube, with over 3 million subscribers viewing his videos covering food videos, travel vlogs, challenges, and much more. These have garnered millions of views; he’s appeared in multiple television shows and movies!

As of June 1, 2023, Alex has an estimated net worth of $5 Million. This wealth was accrued via YouTube career success, and despite this success, he remains relatively young with plenty of room to continue growing in future years.

Alex enjoys exploring other interests outside his legal work. He’s passionate about music and has collaborated with music departments on some of his films. Additionally, he maintains multiple popular social media accounts to connect with his fans.

Alex stands at 6 feet 1 inch, which is above average for men. Being so tall gives him an excellent view of the world around him and allows him to achieve things other people might find difficult or impossible. Unfortunately, being tall also presents disadvantages, such as difficulty fitting specific clothing or shoes and sleeping comfortably.

Alex is married and has one child, enjoying traveling and photography as hobbies. He maintains an extensive social media presence, often seen at public events (such as celebrity appearances). Furthermore, he donates large sums of money to various charitable causes and other worthy causes.

Net Worth

Alex Murdoch is a notable lawyer, earning significant sums of money representing high-profile clients and winning numerous cases, making him meaningful payouts. Additionally, his family gifted him much wealth, further adding to his overall wealth.

Alex Murdoch currently boasts an estimated net worth of $5 Million. He first made waves online by creating an award-winning YouTube siblings channel similar to Hope Marie on YouTube. From there, he pursued legal ventures, further increasing his financial status. Furthermore, early involvement in music departments helped build robust fan bases and gain loyal followings.

Alex Murdoch has achieved considerable professional success, yet his personal life remains somewhat troubled. The lawyer has been accused of various offenses, such as insurance fraud and murder; nevertheless, the court allowed him to post a virtual bond of $7 Million as protection.

Murdoch has amassed significant wealth through his legal practice and ventures in the entertainment industry. He has amassed an extensive fan base online and collaborated with numerous music producers to release musical albums.

He boasts an expansive collection of rare and valuable items, including antiques and artwork. Additionally, he possesses luxury vehicles – an exotic sports car and private plane are among them – and dining at some of the most abundant restaurants worldwide.

Alex Murdoch lives a luxurious lifestyle, traveling frequently to exotic locations with friends. A passionate supporter of animals, he regularly donates money to animal welfare organizations. He is renowned for having an infectious laugh and a positive outlook towards people. Alex’s popularity has skyrocketed over time – not least on social media, where he boasts a large and dedicated following on Instagram.


The Murdaugh family is well-recognized in South Carolina’s legal world, having held various posts as solicitor, prosecuting attorney, and law firm partner. Unfortunately, they have also become scandalous, with allegations of murder, corruption, fraud, and money laundering being leveled at them. Most recently, in June 2021, two members of their family–Murdaugh’s wife and son–were shot to death on their property; these deaths have since been linked to numerous financial crimes the Murdaughs are being accused of perpetrating.

The murder trial began in September 2021, and more details of Alex Murdaugh’s involvement have come to light over time. For example, his legal firm may have laundered millions through illegal means before being arrested in September on charges of insurance fraud and conspiracy to commit such fraud.

One of the more startling revelations at Alex Murdaugh’s trial was the revelation that his distant cousin Curtis Smith claimed Murdaugh hired him to kill him to collect a $10 million life insurance payout; however, the prosecution argued against this testimony due to its being inconsistent and inconclusive.

Alex Murdaugh made a 911 call immediately following the shooting deaths of his wife and son to report his injury, telling the dispatcher that he had been shot in the head while changing a tire, believing an angry opponent was hunting him. Under scrutiny by prosecutors, this story fell apart, and later, Murdaugh admitted having falsified evidence provided to police.

Trial proceedings continue, and it remains uncertain whether Alex Murdaugh will be found guilty. A jury is scheduled to render their verdict sometime this year; in the meantime, he has had to resign as a solicitor and is facing various lawsuits from clients and third parties alike, while HBO Max has decided to develop this story into a television series; its exact height remains unknown, but one thing is for sure, Alex is extremely tall!