How to Add Farmhouse Wall Decor to Your Home


To give your walls the feel of an old farmhouse, add some farmhouse wall decor. For example, you can hang a picture or photograph from a wrought-iron frame. For additional style, you can use a wreath in the center of the iron. This style is popular in country style homes. You can also use reclaimed wood.

Mason jar sconces

Mason jar sconces are a new take on traditional wall sconces. These fixtures are attached to sturdy wooden bases and feature a decorative scroll design spread across the midway. A hand-painted mason jar filled with flowers is placed in the center of the scroll pattern.

Mason jar sconces are a great way to add farmhouse wall decor to any room. You can hang them on the wall with twine or nails. Add some faux flowers to the jars and a simple farmhouse wall decor. Decorative mason jar sconces also make a beautiful gift!

These sconces are easy to install and remove. They come with fake plastic flowers, but you can substitute your favorite flowers for the perfect decor. They also have LED lights on the inside. They can be operated by using a smart remote control. They require 2 AA batteries and are safe to use in the home. Whether you choose a traditional or rustic farmhouse style, these sconces will add a nice touch to your room.

A classic farmhouse favorite. Hanging from a wooden board, this mason jar has a rustic charm. The rustic wood backing makes it a wonderful place for flowers. Its painted glass and cross detail are beautiful.

Reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood farmhouse wall decor has a natural appeal and is ideal for a rustic look. Decorative pieces can include a wreath, a jar of white blossoming plants, and family pictures. These pieces can also be adorned with fun signs and plants. Reclaimed wood pieces are also available in various colors.

A rustic monogram is a popular piece for a farmhouse wall. Some homes display this wall decoration on the front porch, while others may display it in the entryway. The rustic look is achieved using chicken wire backing on a wooden frame. Decorative pieces made of wood can be crafted into heart-shaped wall decors. These heart-shaped pallet wood pieces have been sanded and painted with the word family.

Windmill symbol

A windmill symbol can be an excellent choice if you want to add a rustic element to your home. Windmills can add character to any room and are a great choice for your farmhouse decor. They are usually made from reclaimed wood or metal and vary in color and rust. Many also feature rustic tacks in the corners.

You can also add a windmill to your table to add a charming tabletop accent. This windmill is made from metal and has a distressed finish. These windmills are a great choice for rustic farmhouse decor, but be aware that they cannot be shipped to a P.O. Box, so specify the address before ordering.

Farmhouse decor can also incorporate other symbols. You can find signs with windmill symbols in the form of wooden signs. This sign will make a welcoming statement to your guests. It is a simple design, and you can change the words on the sign. If you don’t have a specific theme, you can always change the inscription or place the sign in different rooms. Whether you’re decorating for a rustic farmhouse style, or looking for a more modern look, this sign will add to the theme.

Farmhouse decor can include many pieces of wall art. A windmill can be an elegant accent to a room. A windmill is a traditional symbol of agriculture, and a windmill can evoke memories of a simpler time.

Old frames

When it comes to wall decor, old farmhouse frames are an easy way to add a charming retro look to any room. Whether whitewashed or distressed, they are a great choice for a country-themed home. They can be used as a focal point or part of a gallery wall.

Farmhouse decor often has wrought iron and shelving, which can be used to hang photos and other images. The center of the iron may be decorated with a wreath, which adds additional style. The look of the iron can be completed with other rustic accents, including a monogram. A monogram or wall decor is the perfect accent in a farmhouse-themed room.

In addition to old farmhouse frames, you can also place a few old etchings on the walls. These items can be purchased for as little as $25 each and are perfect for adding a rustic country feel to your home. Etchings are also great to display outside your home, as they lend a vintage feel to any home.

Adding chalkboards is another way to add rustic farmhouse decor to your home. This way, you can write personal messages on the walls. For more rustic farmhouse decor, you can use window shutters as wall decor. You can even choose ones with shabby paint to give your room a rustic farmhouse look.

Wooden barn door

Consider adding a wooden barn door if you’re trying to create a cozy, country-chic ambiance in your kitchen or bathroom. This barn door can be functional or decorative and is a great way to display a favorite photo, grocery list, or dinner menu. You can even hang a chalkboard on the door.

A barn door can also be used to conceal large electronics. Using sliding barn doors can make your family room look more formal. You can add texture to your barn door by attaching wooden boards to it organically, or you can paint a pattern on a large sheet of plywood. You can also add a bright splash of color by painting a store-bought barn door with a bold design.

A barn door can also be used in the half-bath. They use less floor space than swinging doors, which is useful for small bathrooms. You can purchase a traditional barn door from a store such as a Farmhouse for Five. This barn door has a large roller system that gives it an industrial vibe.

Simple sayings

A simple saying on a wall can add an instant dose of charm to a rustic, farmhouse-style setting. Choose a black or white saying and make it cursive to add even more charm. Laser-cut sayings on a white wall look lovely, and a collection of flower-filled mason jars can add a charming touch.

Farmhouse signs are also great for adding character to a blank wall. Adding a single sign or a set of farmhouse-themed wall art can create a dramatic effect, but make sure each piece has the same style and message. Farmhouse signs often blend meaningful sayings with charming cliches from the countryside. They also work well in transitional rooms or in neutral colors.

If you want a sign with a more whimsical tone, consider using the phrase “come, go, stay” as a centerpiece. This rustic-style saying has a sentimental tone so you can use it throughout the room. Bible verses are also great for farmhouse wall decor, and the font is often called Buttermilk Farmhouse.

Another popular farmhouse wall decor item is a barn wood plaque with shiny metal letters. This rustic wall decor item is perfect for the kitchen or dining room. In addition to its rustic charm, it adds a touch of chic to the dining area. Alternatively, a rustic farmhouse sign can be made with scrap wood. You can decorate the two sides of the wood with a contrasting color.