Lemon Kitchen Decor


Lemon kitchen decor is an easy way to bring a sunny and zesty theme into your kitchen. It is a great theme that is both easy to create and looks great. You can use lemons as decorations and add them to floral arrangements for a pop of color and elegance. You can also use lemons as decorative accents in vases.


Placemats in lemon colors can make a bold statement yet are versatile enough for everyday use. They are available in various sizes and can dress up or down your dining room tables. You can even use these lemon placemats on a buffet. They come in a pad with 24 sheets, approximately 18.5″ x 12.5″.

Another way to decorate with lemons is with art prints. They add a cheerful note to any room and can be found as free printables or purchased. They are also a great way to add zest to the decor of a kitchen.

Printed tea towels

Lemon kitchen decor can be easily created at home. Lemon-printed tea towels can be handcrafted with very little expense. Firstly, you will need a flour sack tea towel. Once that is done, you can use lemon as fabric-safe paint to create the design. Once the design has dried, you must wash and dry the towel. Then, you can reuse it. It will make for a great gift!

Printed tea towels come in a variety of styles and colors. They are usually bright and cheerful and add a splash of color to the kitchen. You can choose from traditional or contemporary styles and choose a design that will compliment your decor and kitchenware. In addition, you can choose one that shows off your favorite place or famous person. There are even commemorative tea towels commemorating historical events.


A lemon print is an excellent addition to kitchen decor. Not only does it add a pop of color and freshness, but it’s also a practical accessory that’s affordable and unique. These fabrics are also great for gift items. So whether you’re buying a mug or a tea towel, a lemon design will bring cheer to your kitchen.

The bright yellow-green hues of lemons will add a lively ambiance to any kitchen. They also welcome the spring season with a touch of freshness. You can use lemon decor for tablecloths, curtains, and bowl decorations.

Printed fabric by the yard

Spoonflower is a great place to purchase printed fabric by the yard. These designs feature bright yellow lemons on a white background. This fabric is soft and breathable, perfect for creating cozy quilts or cool placemats. It is also eco-friendly, so it is safe for people to use.

Lemon kitchen decor can be a great way to add a pop of color to a neutral-colored kitchen. This colorful fruit can be arranged into just about any shape, making eye-catching centerpieces instead of boring fruit bowls.

Printed fabric by the meter

When buying printed fabric for home decorating, you can get your hands on some great deals. One excellent option is Spoonflower. This online fabric store sells fabric by the yard and by the meter. They also offer wallpaper and other home decor items. Plus, you can support the Spoonflower artists by purchasing custom prints.


A citrus pattern like lemon kitchen decor wallpaper adds a burst of color and life to any room. This bright fruit symbolizes healing and hope, and its vibrant yellow color symbolizes the warmth and sunshine that makes life worthwhile. It is a beautiful choice for kitchens and dining rooms and goes well with various furniture styles. Best of all, it’s edible! Ordering your Lemon kitchen decor wallpaper is a breeze – it ships within 5 to 9 days after you order it!

If you don’t want to commit to a full-blown lemon mural, you can opt for removable wallpaper. These wallpapers are great for a small breakfast nook or just one or two walls in your kitchen.