Old Navy Compression Leggings Review


Old Navy offers an affordable selection of compression leggings called Powersoft Leggings which provide ultimate comfort. Crafted with polyester and spandex materials for extra strength and softness, they provide medium compression that enhances performance during workouts.

These machine-washable leggings are ideal for marathon training and machine washing, scoring highly on our opaqueness and stretchiness tests and moderately on our sweat-wicking tests. Unfortunately, however, they didn’t feel relatively as thin and sweat-wicking as other leggings we tested.

They’re comfortable

The ideal leggings offer firm but comfortable compression that mimics your muscles’ ready-to-work mindset during exercise without digging into your hips or riding down during movement. In addition, they have flat-lock seams, which reduce chafing while sitting higher on the waist for sweaty yoga sessions. Made of Supplex fabric that’s sweat-wicking and stretchy – plus available in petite, regular, and tall sizes (even celebrity wearer Zoey Deutch wears them!). There’s even one worn by celebrities such as Zoey Deutch).

These legendary leggings from Girlfriend are ideal for low and medium-impact workouts, featuring super soft RPET fabric formulated to deliver optimal stretch, moisture-wicking performance, and soft inner fabric for ultimate comfort. Not to mention they’re super affordable – often on sale! So stock up and wear them day in and day out.

They’re durable

Old Navy’s High-Waisted Elevate Compression Leggings will last years of wear thanks to Lululemon’s Everlux fabric, designed to wick sweat away quickly and dry quickly while remaining soft to the touch. Their tight fit supports muscles while affordable and available in multiple colors and patterns; plus, they are washer- and dryer-friendly!

These leggings are comfortable to wear, with a contoured power waistband for core compression and flat seams that prevent chafing. Petite, regular, and tall sizes are all available – you could get yours for less than $30!

These leggings are durable, though they may start to pill over time. Perfect for low and medium-impact workouts but won’t withstand higher-intensity exercises, these affordable leggings come with various prints, including floral designs.

They’re affordable

Old Navy is an excellent spot for finding affordable yet fashionable workout gear, according to Lucy Silag of the publishing company Wiley Publishing. Silag found everything she needed for half marathon training from Old Navy: PowerPress leggings with light to medium compression levels and an ergonomic, curve-hugging sports bra. These items have held up exceptionally well through many washes, according to Silag.

These leggings offer the perfect fit and feel like a second skin. Constructed of lightweight material that wicks sweat away and dries quickly, these leggings also come equipped with hidden waistband pockets and an adjustable drawstring waist. Perfect for outdoor running as they provide UV protection!

These leggings are an excellent option for joggers as they feature tighter compression around the knees for improved support. Not only are they comfortable to wear, but an array of colors and patterns are available so everyone can find their ideal pair – petite, regular, and tall sizes all make them suitable options!

They’re stylish

Although these leggings come at a reasonable price point, their main draw is their durability and sweat-wicking fabric. You can wear these leggings all year-round thanks to their smooth elastic waistband that won’t dig into your hips during movement and their stretchy Supplex knit construction made with nylon fibers known for elasticity feel stretchy yet breathable – one longtime user has washed them numerous times without losing their shape or color!

Leggings from Lululemon come in various sizes, lengths, and colors. Their company provides three compression levels so you can find one to suit your workouts; low-compression leggings are great for everyday wear, while moderate and high-compression leggings provide intense training opportunities – through high-compression leggings tend to be tighter and form-fitting than their counterparts while still offering enough comfort to wear all day long.