UF Pro Shorts Review


These shorts stand out due to their great pockets, keeping them at the top of our favorite list. There are five of them, each easily accommodating an oversized cell phone or four granola bars.

This brief-style liner is soft against your skin and won’t pinch when packed full. Plus, its wide waistband sits nicely against your belly and won’t squeeze during use!


These shorts fit close to your leg without feeling too snug, making them an excellent option for riders with slimmer legs. Their trim fit helps keep materials closer to your leg for minimal movement while riding.

Reviewer VecchioJo has described these shorts as “next-level comfortable,” thanks to their supple Lycra and super comfy pad. Both elements offer long-term riding comfort without digging in at either chest or waist level.

One drawback of these shorts is their inseam, which falls just shy of the knee. While this prevents it from flapping around with every pedal stroke, it also limits options for knee protection during dynamic movements or hikes in the mountains. Furthermore, their pocket placement leaves much to be desired: with an adjustment system located inside their rear pocket; this could prove challenging when wearing hip packs.


Pedal-friendly shorts are essential for cross-country and trail riders logging long days in the saddle. Lightweight fabrics with vented panels on the back and inseam work to circulate air while decreasing friction between legs and seat.

Welded seams add an elegant finishing touch; instead of stitching panels together with thread, manufacturers use heat and pressure to fuse them using heat-fusing technology – this reduces irritation on the skin while increasing garment lifespan.

Patagonia Dirt Roamer and Troy Lee Designs Skyline are equipped with welded seams and vent panels, making them excellent choices for mountain bikers.

On your list of priorities should also be pocket. Some riders find having somewhere to store lip balm, sunscreen, and water bottles valid. In contrast, others prefer deep cargo pockets capable of accommodating full-sized smartphones with zippered closures to prevent bounce. The 7Mesh Glidepath stands out with secure hand and thigh pockets that easily accommodate modern smartphones – both great features that come together on this model!


UF PRO shorts are ideal for long rides that demand exceptional comfort beyond basic necessities. Their high-grade chamois with floating top sheet has been specially crafted to move with your body to reduce shifting and fast-breathing fabrics that wick sweat more effectively than average shorts. Furthermore, a zippered cargo pocket on the right side and rear security pockets are designed to resist snags.

These 14.5-inch inseam pants feature fabric that comes down right below your knee, making them pedal-friendly. Furthermore, their accordion-style stretch allows the material to move with you on your bike ride.

The only real drawback with these trousers is their waist adjustment system, which requires taking items out of your rear pocket before fiddling with two tabs to adjust your waist measurement. Other than that, however, these lightweight yet comfortable trail-riding trousers make an excellent option.


These shorts offer a snug but comfortable fit, featuring a small cut designed to keep material close to the legs during pedaling and minimize material movement. Their wide waistband keeps shorts securely in place while featuring a rear zipper pocket capable of holding smartphones; two drop-in pockets on their strap offer ample storage space for snacks or keys; their sturdy zips and snaps don’t rub against clothing, giving a seamless ride experience.

The front zipper pocket is attractive, yet some riders might find it too small. While designed to accommodate low-profile phones, larger phones won’t fit without finagling. Unfortunately, the shorts don’t feature reflective detailing for running in low light conditions or early morning runs; something with more visibility may be preferable as these shorts do not provide reflective elements or hold enough fuel for an extended trail run.